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Our Team Is Now Ready to Provide Sepedi Translation Services

South Africa is known for its linguistic diversity. The country has made 12 languages official, and that still doesn’t account for all the languages spoken natively in the rainbow nation. The biggest languages in South Africa are Zulu, Xhosa, and Afrikaans, concentrated in the southeastern and southwestern parts of the country. Elsewhere, other indigenous languages dominate, including Sotho, which is divided into two distinct languages: Southern Sotho, often just called Sotho, and Northern Sotho, also known as Sepedi or Pedi.

Sepedi has around 4.7 million native speakers with nearly double that number—9.1 million—speaking it as a second language. Such multilingualism is common in the remarkably diverse country of South Africa. Sepedi is one of the biggest languages in South Africa, coming in fifth by constituting the native language of more than 9% of the population. In certain regions, the language maintains a stronghold on public life, making it an important language to translate to or from. At, we’re here to serve anyone who needs Sepedi translation services with our new Sepedi translation services.

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Sepedi: diving into South Africa’s fifth-biggest language

Nestled in the northeastern portion of South Africa, prominent in parts of Gauteng, Limpopo, and Mpumalanga, Sepedi is one of the numerous Bantu languages spoken natively in South Africa. The language is quite diverse, split up among several dialects, including Sepedi proper, Tlôkwa, and more than a dozen more. Belonging to the Sotho–Tswana group of languages within the Bantu subfamily, Sepedi is closely related to Tswana (Setswana) and Kgalagadi, as well as, of course, Southern Sotho.

As a Bantu language, Sepedi features many of the common Bantu elements, including tone, as nearly all Bantu languages other than Swahili are tonal. Sepedi is also a subject-verb-object language, like English, which can make it feel more approachable, but the numerous noun classes will quickly dispel that feeling. Sepedi’s noun classes function much like the grammatical gender of languages like French or Spanish, except that there are many more of them, the assignment is largely arbitrary as opposed to phonological, and the effects of the class system permeate all aspects of the language. Verbs, adjectives, and demonstratives alike must agree with the class of a noun, which makes Sepedi a complicated language—but when it comes to translation, all you have to do is rely on our native-speaking Sepedi translators.

Sepedi translation services for all projects—no matter the content

Our clients come from all over South Africa and the rest of the world, from diverse backgrounds and walks of life—so their Sepedi translation needs can vary considerably. We aim to serve as many clients as possible with our robust, well-rounded Sepedi translation team that consists of experienced and skilled translators from all over Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, and other areas of South Africa. Passionate about translating their language, our translators work with projects both to and from Sepedi, helping people on either side of the language barrier.

Some of our Sepedi translators are specialists in particular areas of translation, so if you need specialty services, such as academic translation, business translation, literary translation, or localization, simply let us know. The same applies if you’re looking for a Sepedi translator who has expertise in a particular field or industry. We’re pleased to provide top-notch Sepedi translation services to professors, students, researchers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketers, novelists, poets, bloggers, software developers, and anyone else who may require them. Whatever your Sepedi translation needs, just turn to us!

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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