Our social mission

For every translation order, we donate five books to a homeless shelter

For every translation order, we donate five books to a homeless shelter.

As lovers of language, we at TranslationServices.com are looking to spread the joy and skills reading brings. While everyone can benefit from reading, we aim to help the homeless population, who lack access to suitable books.

We’ve decided to team up with our clients: every time you place a translation order, we’ll donate five books to a homeless shelter. We want to instill a love of reading in homeless adults, who may not have been afforded such an opportunity in their childhood, and to encourage positive development in homeless children to help ensure professional success in their adult lives.

Millions of people around the world lack the stability of a home.

According to a 2005 UN study, there may be 100 million people around the world with no place to call home, with over 550,000 of them located in the United States. A significant number of children are also affected, known as street children, a broad definition that includes institutionalized children in danger of homelessness and children who, despite having a home, spend their days on the street because of poverty or abuse. Such children are estimated to number 100 million across the globe, with a staggering 1 million in the United States.

Children experience a multitude of benefits from reading.

Homeless children find themselves in a difficult situation, but reading can help them develop positively and help them succeed as they grow into adults. Children who are read to frequently at a young age exhibit higher language and literacy skills than those who are not. With richer vocabularies, they acquire the skill of writing sooner, increasing their chances for success in school and the professional world.

The benefits go beyond literacy skills. Studies have also revealed that early childhood reading stimulates the part of the brain that produces mental imagery, resulting in strengthened imagination. Additionally, ADHD, anxiety, and similar mental illnesses plague around 20% of children in the United States every year, but reading in early childhood has been shown to decrease a child’s likelihood of developing such disorders.

The benefits of reading continue even throughout adult life.

While adults may not benefit from reading to the enormous extent that children do, there are still plenty of reasons to get lost in a book as an adult. Reading is a superb way to reduce the high levels of stress homeless adults experience, allowing them to relax and take themselves out of their harsh circumstances for a bit. Homeless adults are in desperate need of the joy and entertainment that books can provide. In fact, research has shown that reading is so good at reducing stress that it can even lead to increased longevity.

Homeless adults can escape into a fantasy world through fiction novels, and they can expand their knowledge through nonfiction books, so no matter what they choose, reading is a beneficial endeavor.

Help us help the homeless.

Books may be small things, but they’re powerful, and we believe they can change lives. Join us in enriching the lives of this disadvantaged population.