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We’re Introducing Our New Mirpuri Translation Services

Pakistan, like most of its neighbors, is a country of many languages. With an estimated count of 75 to 85, Pakistan hardly stands up to India’s 450-odd languages, but it’s indisputable that the South Asian country is highly multilingual, with different languages dominant in different parts of the country. Punjabi is the biggest native language in Pakistan, followed by Pashto and Sindhi, but in certain areas, other languages come out on top: such as Mirpuri.

As with some other languages in this multilingual part of the world, the identity and background of Mirpuri can be difficult to pin down. The language may also be referred to as Pahari, Pothwari, or Mirpur Pahari, but “Pahari” and “Pothwari” may also refer to a handful of other, closely related languages, so the names “Mirpuri” or “Mirpur Pahari” can help avoid confusion. Although Mirpuri is estimated to be spoken by at least 500,000 people as a native language, few translation companies dedicate services to it—so we at have decided to launch our own Mirpuri translation team.

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Mirpuri: uncovering the identity of an elusive South Asian language

Mirpuri speakers live primarily in Mirpur District, a district of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, a region administered by Pakistan in the disputed Kashmir region. Mirpuri is generally considered one of three primary dialects of the Pahari-Pothwari language, the other two key dialects being, naturally, Pahari and Pothwari. Mirpuri is mutually intelligible with the other major varieties of the language cluster, but it’s classified as the southernmost dialect, and it’s distinct enough from the northernmost dialect in Muzaffarabad that speakers can have difficulty understanding each other.

Believe it or not, Mirpuri is related to English—they’re both members of the Indo–European language family. However, while English occupies the European side of the grouping, Mirpuri and its fellow Pahari-Pothwari cousins reside on the Indo side. Mirpuri, Pahari, and Pothwari are sometimes considered dialects of a “Greater Punjabi” macrolanguage, a group that would additionally encompass Saraiki and Hindko, also major languages in Pakistan. This means that Mirpuri is closely related to Punjabi and shares much of its grammar and vocabulary, but it still differs in notable ways, including in pronouns, case markers, and the future tense. Mirpuri is also worlds apart from English, and you need to rely on a trained Mirpuri translator for high-quality results—a Punjabi translator won’t do.

Our team provides flexible Mirpuri translation services for any client.

People in need of high-quality Mirpuri translation services inevitably come from all sorts of backgrounds, requiring different types of translation expertise to succeed in their projects. We built our Mirpuri translation team to accommodate the needs of a diverse clientele, with our native-speaking translators hailing from all over Mirpur District and beyond. You can request a particular dialect of Mirpuri—or another dialect of the Pahari-Pothwari language cluster, if desired. Our services apply to both translations to and from Mirpuri, leaving all the customization to you.

Our Mirpuri translation team proudly provides specialized translation services for clients who need niche expertise—academic translation, business translation, literary translation, and localization are just a few examples. We dive into translation projects in various academic disciplines, professional industries, literary genres, and diverse subject matters, and if you’re concerned that technical jargon may pose an issue, you can request a Mirpuri translator who’s knowledgeable in your field. If you have any other special requests, don’t hesitate to let us know—we’re here to ensure you get the best Mirpuri translation possible. Our Mirpuri translators are passionate about helping clients break down language barriers—no matter the project.

To get started with Mirpuri translation services, contact our team today and place your first order!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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