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Translation Services for Academic and Market Research Surveys

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Surveys and questionnaires are among the most important tools in an academic or market researcher’s repertoire. They can garner a wealth of data about your customers or target population and help you develop further research directions to discover new frontiers or tweak your marketing strategy to better cater to your target audience. Of course, a survey is only as good as its language, so ensuring your surveys and questionnaires are clear, concise, and comprehensible in their wording is crucial.

While English is the de facto language of global academia and business, keep in mind that your customers or study subjects may not be well versed in English. They may not properly understand the questions, their responses may be less detailed and candid, and they may be less motivated to participate, given the additional effort required. If you want to collect high-quality data from subjects who don’t speak English as a native language, invest in professional translation services.

That’s where comes in. We’re a leading translation team specializing in translations to and from English and more than ninety languages from around the world. Whether you’re collecting survey information to break into the German, Chinese, or Russian market or administering a questionnaire to study indigenous Navajo, Nahuatl, or K’iche’ populations, our professional translation team can serve you.

Bring your survey to participants around the world.

If your survey is global in nature or focuses on a population from a specific region, a high-quality translation may be the only way to reliably collect information from your subjects. Our translation team has extensive experience translating academic and market research surveys into Japanese, French, Turkish, and countless other languages to ensure our clients get the results they’re looking for. We work hard to translate the original material accurately, producing a clear and natural-sounding questionnaire.

Don’t hinder your research efforts by forcing your subjects to answer the survey in a language they’re not comfortable with or by limiting yourself to native English speakers only. Our translation professionals are here to help you make the most of your survey. You can rely on our team to collect valuable information from participants worldwide.

World-class translators ensure a smooth translation process.

Our translators are seasoned professionals with experience translating a range of academic and business documents, including surveys and questionnaires. Researchers from around the world have used our translation services to deliver clear, effective questionnaires in their subjects’ native languages, resulting in higher-quality study results. No matter what you’re studying and what language you need it translated into, trust our translation professionals to meet your translation needs.

Our team comprises highly experienced translators from around the world. We’ve taken care to hire a diverse range of translators who represent various industries and disciplines, so whether you’re drafting a survey for a tech company in Taiwan or a questionnaire on mental health in Brazil, rest assured our translators are familiar with the technical terminology in your target language and will produce a high-quality translation you can rely on.

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