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App Translation Services

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We’re currently living in the height of the “age of apps.” For nearly everything you can think of, as they say, “there’s an app for that.” Most of us carry around unbelievably powerful mobile computers in our pockets everywhere we go, rife with apps that either offer practical solutions to everyday problems or provide much-needed entertainment. If you’re an app developer, the world is your audience. But don’t forget that the world speaks more than 7,000 different languages, and, if you limit yourself to just one—even if it's English, the most widely spoken language—you’re severely restricting your potential audience.

There’s a simple solution: app translation services. We at proudly offer translation and localization services for apps, whether it’s a handy weather app or an intensive smartphone game. We cover hundreds of languages, so we’re sure we can accommodate your translation needs. We can translate your app to or from major languages like English, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and more, allowing you to tap into the most advanced economies. Smartphones are beginning to proliferate in developing countries in Africa and South Asia as well—and we can help you translate your apps into (or from) languages like Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo. Interested in language revitalization? We can also translate your app into Basque, Welsh, Navajo, Hawaiian, and numerous other endangered languages!

App translation involves certain challenges not present in other types of translation—for example, an app translator must be mindful of the length of each string (line), as strings that are too long may not fit within the interface. Depending on the app, developers may also be interested in localization services, which not only translate the text but also modify it to better fit the target culture. As experienced app translators, our team can work with you to navigate these issues—just let us know if you have any special requirements.

Flexible app translation services that cover all types of apps

When it comes to app translation services, we don’t discriminate. If you need an app translated into—or from—one of hundreds of languages, our app translation is ready to help. If you’ve built an app that helps people boost their productivity or monitor their fitness, we’ll help you bring it to people all over the world. If you’ve created a fun filter app or other augmented reality app, our app translators can help you present your creative technology to people in new countries. If you’ve developed a smartphone game—whether a casual puzzle game, an intensive real-time strategy game, or a story-rich mystery game—we can broaden your audience through translation. 


We’ll do our best to match you with an app translator with experience in—and passion for—your type of app. Naturally, we’ll be mindful of string length, cultural sensitivities, and cultural references your target audience may not understand.

App translation services that are actually affordable

The cost of translation can sometimes scare app developers away from the idea of app translation. But app translation doesn’t have to break the bank! Of course, the more text your app contains, the more expensive your translation will be, and, if you require localization services, it’ll be a bit higher too. Some languages are also more expensive than others. But, in all cases, we offer fair and competitive rates that help developers access affordable app translation services to expand their audience—and app translation can really pay off.

Check out our rates by requesting a free quote, or ask more about our app translation services!

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