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Subtitles can greatly expand the audience for your videos or presentations, enabling you to reach new viewers in overseas markets. Whether you need subtitles for your YouTube content, an independent film, or an informational video, can meet your subtitling needs.


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What’s the difference between subtitles and captions?


Though both subtitles and captions can help you attract new viewers, these services cater to different audiences. Subtitles, as you would find in a foreign film, provide written translations of speech from one language to another so the video can be enjoyed by multiple audiences worldwide. Captions are simply a direct transcript of the spoken audio and are used primarily to serve those who are deaf or hearing-impaired.


When you need an experienced team to produce subtitles for you or simply translate your existing captions, we stand ready. Our translators can work with any subtitling file format, including SRT, SBV, SSA, and others, and we will collaborate with you to customize the typeface, size, and color of your subtitles and optimize the viewing experience for your audience.


Subtitles can boost your viewership.


To fully tap into the global marketplace and maximize your reach and engagement with viewers, you need foreign-language video subtitles. Subtitles can also serve as an alternative to voice-over work, being a more cost-effective option than hiring expensive voice talent. Our subtitling team has provided subtitles for video content in a range of fields, including law, education, health care, business, entertainment, and more.


We believe in maintaining the highest standards of quality, so all our subtitling services are performed by skilled professionals, not by speech-recognition software. This sort of technology is great for producing a base, but it's just too imprecise for the final draft, which we always have our professional subtitlers assess for accuracy. Our team applies their extensive knowledge and experience to produce subtitles that are accurate and free of the embarrassing mistakes often found in computer-generated work.


We provide a cost-effective solution for video producers who need to create and edit subtitles for YouTube, film, television, and other media within even the tightest deadlines.


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