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Certified Legal Translation Services

Legal Translation Services

Accurate, fast certified translation of legal documents

Do you need a contract translated into German?

What about a patent translated into English?

A shareholder agreement translated into Japanese?

While does not translate legal documents directly, we’ve partnered with the best legal translation firm out there to accommodate your needs. For letters of intent, affidavits, deeds of trust, privacy policies, and other legal documentation, our partner firm offers accurate and blazingly fast translation services. Their legal translators are experienced in numerous legal subfields, including the following:

  • Alternative dispute resolution

  • Banking law

  • Consumer protection

  • Copyright and intellectual property

  • Corporate law

  • Criminal law

  • Estates and trusts

  • Family law

  • Health law

  • Human rights

  • Immigration

  • Tax law

  • Tort law

​​Translation that meets the needs of any legal practice

The company we’ve partnered with values quality, hiring only the most skilled translators with extensive experience translating legal materials and familiarity with legal formatting standards. They can translate a range of legal documents, including partnership agreements, waivers of liability, contractor agreements, power of attorney forms, and more. Having worked in the field for years, many of them being lawyers in their own countries, they’re well acquainted with the necessary legal terminology to promise swift, highly precise certified translation.

Experts in the field of law

Our partner firm guarantees every client the most precise and reliable certified legal translation possible. Their translators have accumulated decades of experience and are able to tackle even the most complex documents. Obscure terminology? Words or phrases without direct equivalents in the target language? Different legal systems? No matter what challenges your document presents, our partner’s translators can likely tackle it. Our partner company also works fast. When you specify a turnaround, even an urgent deadline, our partner will deliver your top-notch translation on time.


Guaranteed security for your legal data

This firm understands the importance of preserving client confidentiality and has an unwavering commitment to ensuring the security of your legal data. They use leading encryption methods and secure servers, and their translators have signed nondisclosure agreements (they translate those, too!) and undergone strict background checks. Whether sworn declarations, bills of sale, or financial agreements, your documents will always remain in trustworthy hands.

The best in legal translation services, available now

Quick and effective translation can make all the difference in legal negotiations, so contact us today so we can connect you with our partner agency. With accuracy, speed, and security as their top priorities, they promise to deliver the best certified legal translation services you can find.

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