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French to English Translation Services


French is a major world language, with a strong presence in Europe, Canada, and West Africa as well as French territories around the world. But despite the high number of French speakers, it simply can’t compete with English, which boasts more than 1.35 billion speakers worldwide.


English’s status as the de facto global lingua franca isn’t expected to collapse anytime soon. Thus, having your product information, creative work, or scholarly paper translated into English affords you a wider market or audience from all over the world, no matter the field.


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If you see acquiring French to English translation services as an investment, you need to have your translation done right the first time. Otherwise, you’ll be losing not only money but also time and opportunities forever. To provide you with clear and effective translation services, we offer only professional translators who are also experts in 400+ areas of study.


Who benefits from quality French to English translation services?


Our versatile and meticulous professional translators handle the needs of the following:


  • Businesspeople. Whether your business is in the fashion, agricultural, aircraft, or software industry, our reliable French to English translators can be trusted with your business and technical documents. You’ll be sure to make a good impression on your partners and clients with well-translated business proposals, product labels, packaging, material safety data sheets (MSDS), operation instructions, websites, and other materials.


  • Academics. Do you have a scientific discovery or technological breakthrough to share? Have your academic work translated into English with the help of our meticulous translators. With knowledge and experience in 400+ areas of study, they can translate business and management research papers, literature reviews, and medical case studies, among others, with the fluency of a native English speaker.


  • Creatives. Are you the next Victor Hugo, Guy de Maupassant, or Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? With the help of our discerning translators, share your insights on human nature, society, religion, and other subjects to a broader audience. While some French words simply do not translate directly into English, our translators will strive to convey them succinctly. They translate biographies, novels, short stories, magazine articles, and other creative writing.


  • Tour operators. One of the largest industries in France is tourism. In 2014 alone, 83.7 million international tourists came to see the country. If you want to make your mark in the world’s most visited destination, having your website and documents translated into perfect English helps you rise above your competition. Our professional translators effortlessly render French websites, welcome packs, and tourist information brochures into English. This makes your business an easy choice.


Whether you’re in Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon, Nice, Montreal, Strasbourg, Montpellier, or elsewhere with Internet connectivity, we’ve got you covered. We provide quality and fast French to English translation services at competitive rates.

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