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Literary Translation

Literary Translation

Literary works pose the biggest challenge for translators. As novels, short stories, and poems often embody the culture of the setting or country of origin, translators must effectively convey cultural nuances and subtleties of meaning in the target language. Book translations must also capture the voice of the author, the very quality that makes a literary work unique.


Authors rely on’s skilled team of translators, who have years of experience providing accurate and nuanced translations of books, essay collections, and other literary works in dozens of languages. We can help you expand your readership to a global audience.


Order literary translation today.


Our team is experienced in the world of literature.


Our translators have extensive backgrounds in their target languages, which range from Indonesian, to Finnish, to Korean, to many more. Whether you need translation for a screenplay, poetry collection, romance novel, or any other literary material, our team is up to the task.


At, we maintain the highest standards of accuracy. Our team follows strict guidelines for quality assurance, and each of our translators has passed exacting tests of their grammar and style skills. Especially with literature, they understand that without a delicate hand, the beauty of a work can get lost in translation.


Our rates start at 9 cents per word. We offer flexible turnaround times to meet your deadlines, and getting started with our literary translation services is easy.


Get a quote for literary translation now.

​​Here’s what one of our satisfied clients has to say about our literary translation services:

Seeking to reach a wider international readership, I approached to translate my romance novel from the original German into English. My goal was to achieve a translation that captured the nuance of the material and stayed true to my authorial voice, and the translation and subsequent editing service did just that. I am super happy with the high quality of the German to English translation and with the efforts and helpful comments of my English editor. I would definitely recommend for literary translation!

—Catherine S.

(German to English translation and English editing of a 44,200-word romance novel)

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