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New Kim Mun Translation Services From Our Team

Most people know that the predominant language in China is Mandarin. Though people typically call it “Chinese,” Mandarin is merely a single language in the Chinese language grouping, which includes dozens of distinct tongues. But China is filled with plenty of minority languages completely unrelated to Mandarin and its cousins as well. Some of these languages are big, with hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of native speakers. Today, we’re looking at the Kim Mun language.

Kim Mun, also called Mun, Lanten, or Landian, is estimated to have around 400,000 native speakers, spread out across different areas of East and Southeast Asia. The native speakers of Kim Mun typically learn the dominant language of their respective country—which is often Mandarin, since the majority of Kim Mun speakers live in China—which puts Kim Mun at risk. With no country of their own, Kim Mun speakers are often overlooked, and it’s hard to find reliable translation services for the language, which is why we at are proud to introduce our new Kim Mun translation services.

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Kim Mun: a language without a country

An estimated 260,000 or so Kim Mun speakers live in China, with roughly 200,000 living in the southern provinces of Guangxi, Hunan, and Yunnan, with the remaining 60,000 or so residing on China’s tropical island province of Hainan. In particular, Kim Mun is spoken in the Yunnan counties of Hekou, Malipo, Maguan, Xichou, Qiubei, Guangnan, Funing, Yanshan, Shizong, Jiangcheng, Mojiang, Yuanyang, Jinping, Lüchun, Mengla, and Jinghong; the Guangxi counties of Xilin, Lingyun, Napo, Tianlin, Fengshan, Bama, Lipu, Pingle, Mengshan, Jinxiu, Yongfu, Luzhai, Fangcheng, and Shangsi; and the Hainan counties of Qiongzhong, Baoting, Qionghai, Tunchang, Ledong, Wanning, and Sanya. Additional Kim Mun speakers live in Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, with a particular concentration in the Van Ban district of Vietnam’s Lao Cai province.

Kim Mun belongs to the Hmong–Mien language family, a small language family found primarily in southern China and northern Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Kim Mun’s best-known relative is thus Hmong, but it’s closer to Iu Mien, the biggest member of the Mienic, or Yao, branch. In fact, Kim Mun and Iu Mien are so similar that they share 78% of their vocabulary. Like many other languages in mainland Southeast Asia, Kim Mun is a largely monosyllabic and isolating language, which means it exhibits minimal inflection. Kim Mun also generally lacks prepositions, instead using verbs to fulfill the same purpose.

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We’re your go-to source for top-quality Kim Mun translation services. That’s thanks to our robust team of hardworking, passionate Kim Mun translators, who are native speakers of different dialects of the language. Looking for a translator specifically from China, Vietnam, or another country? Just let us know—we’ll happily accommodate your requests. Whether you need translation services to Kim Mun or from Kim Mun, our team is always ready to assist.

Another benefit of our large and diverse Kim Mun translation team is that we can cater to clients from different domains—including academia, business, and the literary world. Rely on our academic translators for top-notch translations of research surveys and educational materials, in any field. Turn to our business translators for Kim Mun translations of your business plans or press ad copy, for any industry. Lean on our literary translators for meticulous translations of your novels or poems, in any genre, resting assured in the knowledge that our Kim Mun translators will keep your unique literary style intact.

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