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Localization Services

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Making content available for readers of various languages is a great strategy for website publishers, game developers, app creators, and others looking to expand their customer bases. In addition to accurate translation, however, adapting your content for reading audiences in other countries requires precise localization.


Why do businesses need localization?


Whereas translation involves converting content from one language to another, with special attention to grammar and syntax, localization goes beyond this in that it ensures your content also meets cultural expectations. For example, although many countries share Spanish as a main language, they each have different customs and cultures that will likely affect how content comes across. Appealing to local audiences is key to expanding your market.


Translation without localization will limit your reach and may even risk damage to your brand among your target audience. will localize your content, taking into account aspects of the culture, local laws and customs, dialects, and more in the countries where your content will be published. This builds trust with your audience and strengthens your brand.


Let us be your translation and localization solution. Order localization services today.


Our team members are experts.


Our translators have a wealth of experience and understand the need to go beyond translation when preparing content for a new audience. We maintain the highest standards for both translation and localization, and we work with clients around the world:


  • iDashboards, a software company, asked us to translate and localize their marketing copy for Spanish and Italian audiences so they could expand their reach to the 437 million and 63 million people who speak those languages, respectively.


  • had us translate and localize the script for their eSports video for Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Portuguese audiences, allowing them to more effectively reach an audience of over 2 billion.


Never let cultural barriers stand in the way of growth. We deliver localization solutions for marketers, publishers, and game developers across the world. Our localization team is trained in this particular skill, meaning our localized translations are of the highest quality.    


We pride ourselves on collaborating with clients and truly understanding their needs. Our localization team handles a variety of projects, from user manuals, to informational video scripts, to mobile games and AAA titles, and we are always evolving to meet emerging needs.


Contact to get a quote for localization now.

Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say about our localization services:

“ greatly simplified the translation process for my businesses. I needed to translate video scripts, web content, and product overviews, and my target languages ranged from Vietnamese, to Portuguese, to Swedish. Some of my material also contained technical terminology that required a translator with experience in eSports. Knowing that works with a team of human translators, all of whom are native speakers of the target language ... gave me peace of mind that my material was translated accurately.

—Dasha Rolina, UKAD

(translation of product information into Korean, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Portuguese and translation of website content into Swedish)

When I approached to translate my voiceover script, I needed translations that not only conveyed the information correctly in the target languages but also maintained the tone of the original script.’s translation team did exactly that, providing translated scripts that were as effective in European Portuguese and Korean as they had been in English. I would certainly recommend them to other businesses that require accurate translation.

—Anna Tsymbalist, Cybercube

(translation of amendments to a voiceover script from English into European Portuguese and Korean)

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