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Speech Translation Services

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Speeches are a powerful way to convey information—but not if your audience doesn’t speak your language. And, given that there are more than 7,000 languages spoken around the world, most people don’t speak your language—even if it’s English, the supposed “universal language.” That’s where speech translation services come in. These are different from speech interpretation services, which our sister company offers—speech translation services are used to convert the script or transcript of a speech into other languages.

At, we’re proud to assist businesspeople, academics, and other presenters from around the world deliver powerful, impactful speeches in a wide array of languages. We can translate the script of your speech into another language before the presentation, allowing you or someone else to give the speech in the language of your choice—or we can translate the transcript of your speech after the fact, allowing you to publish the speech you’ve already given in dozens of new languages. What languages do we work with? More or less any that you can think of—from major languages like English, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and German to more overlooked languages like Finnish, Hebrew, Maltese, and Lao, our speech translators can help you connect to whatever audience you like. We even take it a step further than most speech translation agencies by offering endangered languages such as Navajo, K’iche’, Cree, and Nahuatl.

If you order speech translation services from us, rest assured you won’t be getting just any old translators working on your speech. You’ll be getting the best speech translators in the industry, carefully handpicked after undertaking rigorous translation assessments to confirm their translation prowess and expertise. Our translators leverage their vast experience translating diverse speeches, and they’re passionate about helping you too.

We’re here to translate all kinds of speeches

What’s your speech about? Regardless of the field or discipline, we probably have translators on our speech translation team familiar with your area and the technical language it entails. If your speech revolves around a particular field, just let us know, and we’ll be sure to match you with a translator who has expertise in that domain. 

Our speech translators are also extremely mindful of the tone and feel of the speech and endeavor to recreate that atmosphere in the target language. For example, if your speech is comical and filled with jokes, our translators will work hard to ensure the translated speech is just as funny. Our goal is to retain the unique style and creative flair of each speech in all our translations.

High-quality yet affordable speech translation services

When you entrust your speech translation to a translation team, you want to be sure you’re hiring true professionals who will seamlessly navigate the challenges of translation to provide a smooth, precise translation. This requires finesse and skill that isn’t always cheap. However, we at work hard to ensure that our speech translation rates are competitive and fair to both the client and the translator, making high-quality speech translation services more accessible. In fact, you can check our rates now by requesting a free quote.

Ready for speech translation services? Let’s get started today!

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