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Academic Translation Services

Academic Translation Services

​Our expert team of translators works with researchers, graduate students, and professors from a variety of academic fields to prepare their work for an international audience. Are you seeking to submit your English academic paper to a German-language journal? Hoping to collaborate with French colleagues? Preparing for a presentation in Russian? can meet your academic translation needs. We handle complex scientific and technical translation in multiple languages, such as Spanish, English, Chinese, Korean, and many more, and we assign each project to a translator with a background in that field of study.

We also understand that part of any academic translation job is thorough proofreading for grammar and style, as well as overall quality. Each of our translators undergoes rigorous testing to ensure their work achieves the highest standard of accuracy.

Let perform your academic translation. Place an order today.

Our experts handle a variety of translation projects.

Our translators are thorough and efficient. We can work within your schedule and deadlines to complete your translation precisely when you need it. Whether you need academic translation services for an article, a dissertation, a research survey, or a technical manual, our team will ensure your material reads naturally in the target language and will also maintain the correct style and format to suit your requirements. offers fast turnaround times and affordable rates, starting at 9 cents per word, and we can even work with you to provide revisions. We strive for the highest-quality translation, whether to Arabic, Polish, Turkish, or any of the other languages our team supports.

We focus on customer service.

Satisfied customers are our ultimate goal. We will communicate the status of your project and answer any questions you have throughout the process. Our translators combine years of experience and specialized knowledge (even for scientific and technical translation) with the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Join our growing list of satisfied customers and get academic translation services that meet your needs. Submitting your order is easy: Simply contact to get started or to request a free quote.

Order academic translation services today.

​​Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say about our academic translation services:

When seeking a Polish to English translator for an interview about engineering and architecture techniques, my main concern was whether the translation would remain true to the essence of the original interview. I chose to work with because they [were willing to] provide 100% human translation instead of relying on software, so I knew my material would be translated accurately by a native English speaker. I am pleased with the results and would absolutely recommend their academic translation services.

—Damian Przybyla, Laka

(translation of a 1,259-word interview about engineering and architecture techniques from Polish to American English)

I approached to translate my article on bisphosphonate therapy for dental implants from Brazilian Portuguese into English. Their translation team was able to navigate the complex scientific terminology in my material, creating an accurate and professionally edited English translation that was accepted for publication in PubMed. I feel confident that my research has been represented well in English, and I would recommend’s academic translation services to my colleagues.

—Vittorio Moraschini, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, professor

(translation from Portuguese to English of 1,919 words about bisphosphonate therapy in dentistry)

Translation from was invaluable in helping me expose my academic work on retail horticulture, originally written in German, to a wider English-speaking audience and making it possible for me to submit my articles for publication in English journals. Their German to UK English translators were able to seamlessly translate terms from my field and stay true to my professional academic tone. I highly recommend for high-quality academic translation.

—Christian Engelke, University of Worcester, researcher

(translation from German to UK English of 14,545 words about the economics of horticulture)

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