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Afrikaans to English Translation Services


The diverse economy of South Africa is growing, with diamond and gold mining at the forefront, and its share of platinum production is more than half of the global output. Tourism supports the country’s economy as well, being a primary income source for about 10% of the population.


South African businesses are making economic progress, but they can achieve more with global expansion. Using English as a medium of communication allows South African companies to establish an international presence and increase their target markets to include 1.5 billion English speakers worldwide. Businesses in the tourism sector also benefit significantly from translating Afrikaans tour information and travel brochures into English. also serves Afrikaans professors, researchers, and graduate students who want to share their academic work with the broader English academic community.


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Our fully bilingual team are experts in translating documents with high accuracy and reliability. When document translations require the professional skills of an engineer, a software programmer, or a scientist, we find the right professional translator to fulfill the job.

What services do we offer?


Our translation services cover the following types of documents and more:


  • Academic documents such as handbooks, journal articles, research reports, textbooks, and workbooks

  • Legal documents such as business permits, employee contracts, birth and marriage certificates, non-disclosure agreements, and professional licenses

  • Business documents such as business plans, marketing reports, product catalogs, company portfolios, press releases, and ad campaign materials

  • Technical documents such as case studies, standard operating procedures, installation guides, user manuals, and software instructions offers document translation services at competitive rates and with fast turnaround times. If you need Afrikaans to English translation, just let us know.


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Don’t hesitate to contact us, wherever you are in the world. Our company works with clients from Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, and hundreds of other cities.

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