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Swahili to English Translation Services


In recent years, Africa has been enjoying fast economic growth, leading to increased collaborations and partnerships. For companies and entrepreneurs to keep up with the times, however, it is important that they invest in effective communication. bridges the communication gap by providing Swahili to English translation. If your company is ready to break into the global market through Swahili to English translation,
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Who needs Swahili to English translation?


Swahili is the lingua franca in East Africa and an official language of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, and the Comoros. It is estimated that more than 60 million people speak the language, but native Swahili speakers number only about 5 million.

For businesses within this region that want to compete in the world market, using English is necessary. It’s time to open up communication channels and boost your revenue, starting by translating important documents from Swahili to English. provides Swahili to English translation in the following fields:


  • Legal. This involves translating government-issued documents such as birth certificates, driver’s licenses, visas, passports, and immigration papers, as well as business permits and other complex legal material with the help of our legal translation partner agency.


  • Technical. We translate technical data or information (for manufacturing, engineering, and IT) presented in the form of operations manuals, user guides, process reports, etc.


  • Finance. We often translate financial statements, bank documents, insurance policies, and other documents related to the conduct of business and financial matters.


  • Sales and marketing. Swahili promotional materials such as posters, flyers, web content, press releases, and other marketing materials are translated into English to spread a company’s message.


We likewise provide translation of literary material, reports, and journal articles and academic content in fields such as healthcare and education.

With, you can be sure of the quality of the Swahili to English translation you receive. Our professional translators have firsthand knowledge of the Swahili language and are adept in different fields of expertise. And if you require
legal translation or medical translation, we will assign your project to a translator from one of our partner agencies with the right background to translate your material accurately.

At, we offer a competitive pricing structure for all our translation services. We are ready to serve individual customers and businesses anywhere in the world. Whether you’re from Bujumbura or Nairobi, Dodoma or Kampala, we’re here to serve you and meet your deadlines.

Find out more about our Swahili to English translation services or
get a free quote today.

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