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Our Clients

Our great clients include these well-known organizations. Find out what we can do for you: request a free quote today

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What We Do for Le Monde

As seen in


“Le Monde partners with two outside firms that specialize in MTPE to undertake [its] translations, one of which is”


“The post editors Translation Services employs are veterans of government offices or French literature scholars who do more than check that the translation is technically correct. There are punctuation discrepancies and cultural differences, like describing French municipalities. In addition, “the literary flair is lost, often,” says Luke Palder, chief executive officer of, and certain concepts might need more explanation for an audience outside of France.”


“Le Monde has a stylebook for translators that explains these differences and helps streamline the review of machine translations. “The style guide has grown and grown,” Palder says. “And that’s really reflective of the fact that AI helps us get the job done, but at least for the foreseeable future, there is always going to be … a human in the loop, as machine learning folks sometimes say.””


“ tries to keep the same people on the team editing Le Monde — which is spread around the world to respond to news at all hours — because humans get more efficient the more they work with the machines.”


Here’s what our clients say about our translation services

Translation of product information into Korean, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Portuguese and translation of website content into Swedish

Dasha Rolina, UKAD

“ greatly simplified the translation process for my businesses. I needed to translate video scripts, web content, and product overviews, and my target languages ranged from Vietnamese, to Portuguese, to Swedish. Some of my material also contained technical terminology that required a translator with experience in eSports. Knowing that works with a team of human translators, all of whom are native speakers of the target language ... gave me peace of mind that my material was translated accurately.”

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