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Our Zyphe Translation Services Are Now Available

The world is alive with far more languages than most people realize. While countries like Germany, France, or Poland seem linguistically straightforward—the vast majority of people speak German, French, or Polish, respectively, as their native language, with few indigenous minority languages—the situation is completely different in many parts of the world. Take Myanmar, for example—only around two-thirds of this Southeast Asian country’s population speaks its official language, Burmese, natively, with the rest divided up among more than 100 minority languages. One of those languages is Zyphe.

Zyphe recorded around 20,000 native speakers between 1994 and 2000, with the figure likely increasing over the past couple decades, although little research exists on the language. Despite its small size, it’s considered a stable and vigorous language, spoken by most ethnically Zyphe people. However, not many resources exist for Zyphe, and translation services are difficult to come by. At, we believe in the equal value of all the world’s languages, and we want to support languages like Zyphe—so we’re debuting our very own Zyphe translation services.

If you message us with your translation documents and needs, we’ll provide a free quote for our Zyphe translation services!

A quick overview of the profile of the Zyphe language

Zyphe—which you may also see spelled as Zophei—is primarily spoken in Myanmar, with a minority of speakers living across the border in India. More precisely, Zyphe speakers reside in northwestern Myanmar, in the Thantlang township of Chin State. However, the Burmese civil war, which began in 2021, has devastated much of Thantlang, forcing scores of residents to flee to India, thereby changing the demographics of Zyphe speakers. Thousands of Zyphe speakers can also be found in the U.S., specifically Indianapolis, Indiana.

Like Burmese, Mandarin, and Tibetan, Zyphe is a member of the Sino–Tibetan language family, but it’s not closely related to any of these languages. Rather, it belongs to the Kuki-Chin language cluster spoken in northwestern Myanmar and northeastern India, the most prominent member of which is Mizo. Zyphe speakers can be classified into three main dialects: Upper Zyphe, Lower Zyphe A, and Lower Zyphe B. Each dialect then has subvarieties, such as the Nuitah (Leitak) variety of Upper Zyphe, the Tlawngrang variety of Lower Zyphe A, and the Lawngtlang variety of Lower Zyphe B. Translating minority languages far removed from English, like Zyphe, is difficult—but that’s why we hire native-speaking translators who are passionate about their language.

Break free of the language barrier with our versatile Zyphe translation services.

With passionate Zyphe translators who represent various dialects and varieties of this Southeast Asian language, we’re confident we can assist our clients from around the world with whatever Zyphe translation needs they may have. Since our translators are skilled at translation both to and from Zyphe, we help clients on both sides of the language barrier communicate with each other, no matter what kind of text they’re looking to share. Our translators come from different areas of Myanmar and India, as well as Indianapolis, making us a robust, albeit small, Zyphe translation team.

If you need specialty translation services in a given area—for example, academic translation services, business translation services, literary translation services, or localization services—we just may have the right Zyphe translators on our team to help you. Our team is diverse, with many of our members boasting experience in varied forms of translation and knowledge in a wide array of disciplines, so if you have any special requests, just let us know. We can translate research questionnaires, marketing materials, books, poems, websites, apps, and much more!

Want to start working with our Zyphe translation team? Just send us a message and place your first Zyphe translation order today!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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