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Burmese to English Translation Services


Translation errors should never occur, especially when your brand is on the line and the documents being translated are valuable. knows that for this reason, translating documents from Burmese to English requires expertise and meticulous attention. We provide highly accurate and high-quality Burmese to English translation services to help you reach an English audience while preserving your reputation.


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Why translate from Burmese to English?


English plays an important role in effective communication for over 1.5 billion people worldwide. In business, having your documents translated from Burmese to English enables you to present your products and services to foreign investors and customers clearly. Transactions and business negotiations go smoothly when documents are clear, direct, and easy to understand for all parties.


The same goes for academia, where graduate students and professors need accurate translations to effectively present their research and findings. Mistranslated papers can deliver an incorrect message to readers, putting the integrity of you and your work at risk. Likewise, accurate translation of literary work is important for authors. You can increase your income and popularity, be globally competitive, and sell your work around the world by translating your books into English.


Our experienced team will provide Burmese to English translation services for your business material, academic work, or any document you might have. We guarantee that no matter how your translation is generated, we'll always have an expert human translator compare it to your original text for the utmost quality.


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Points we consider when translating Burmese to English:


  • Burmese uses word order and post-positional particles to give focal attention to person, number, gender, etc. These particles add specificity to sentences.

  • Classifiers are required to quantify nouns. Numerous quantifiers are available, but some can go only with certain nouns.

  • Burmese has various politeness markers that convey respect, which must be shown properly in an English translation.

  • Verbs are made up of roots and particles. The mood, aspect, tense, and politeness of a verb depends on the particles attached.


Not only does our expert team of translators know about these factors, but we guarantee that our team has the experience to address them effectively. We ensure that all our Burmese to English translations are performed with care and accuracy by skilled and experienced human.


We’re excited to work with you wherever you are, in Yangon, Mandalay, Bago, Naypyidaw, or elsewhere. We can help improve your business or your academic or literary career through our excellent Burmese to English translation services.


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