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German to English Translation Services


Much has been said about English being the global lingua franca, and it is no exaggeration. In a world of 195 countries, English is the official language of 67 nations and 27 non-sovereign entities. While it loses to Chinese in terms of the number of native speakers, it remains the primary language of international communication. In fact, if estimates are to be believed, two out of every three English speakers are non-native.


How long English will maintain its international reputation remains to be seen. But for now, indisputably, the benefits of getting high-quality German to English translation services for individuals and businesses are just waiting to be tapped.

Let’s talk about your translation project today.


We understand and share the German commitment to quality, especially in industries such as automobiles, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. We know that the technical content they bring may have safety and legal implications. Thus, we suggest hiring only professional translators, preferably those with strong background knowledge in relevant industries, like ours. Here at, our meticulous translators are knowledgeable and experienced in 400+ fields. We’ll produce accurate German to English translations for product labels, operation instructions, and other business documents.


Aside from those in manufacturing, we also help German professors and graduate students who need assistance with academic work, authors seeking to influence the English-speaking literary world, filmmakers who require support with subtitling, tourism companies providing information brochures to guests, and restaurateurs putting out impressive menus for international gourmets. Whatever the nature of your translation project, we can handle it.


Why choose


  • Quality. We have meticulous and experienced translators with relevant backgrounds who are able to provide accurate translations with the fluidity of a native US or UK English speaker.


  • Worldwide service. Whether you are in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, or elsewhere with internet connectivity, we can provide you with high-quality German to English translation services.


  • Fast turnaround times. Because our German–English translators are not new to industry-specific terminologies, they don’t have to spend too much time on research. We are therefore able to give you your polished English translations in no time.


  • Competitive rates. English translation services are a good investment, but we believe they don’t have to break the bank. Contact us for a free quote. We offer you reasonable rates for uncompromised quality.

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