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Professional Mandarin Dubbing Services Available Here


English may be the language with the most total speakers in the world, but it’s only third place in terms of the number of native speakers. It’s outranked by Spanish, the native language of most Latin Americans, and even Spanish is dwarfed by the 920 million native speakers of Mandarin Chinese. And many of these Mandarin speakers don’t know English, with both China and Taiwan rated as having low English proficiency rates. If you want to cater to a giant new audience, what better way than to dub your movie, TV show, online video, or video game into Mandarin?

If you’re looking for Mandarin dubbing services, we at can help. Our Mandarin dubbing team is experienced and diverse, with professional voice actors from all around the Mandarin-speaking world. With Mandarin dubs, you transcend the boundaries of Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, making your content easily accessible to viewers regardless of their writing system. Besides, everyone prefers engaging voice acting in movies, games, and other entertainment content rather than cold, stiff, boring subtitles. Mandarin dubbing is precisely what can take your work to the next level.

How much do our Mandarin dubbing services cost? Message us and ask about a free quote to find out!

Open your content up to a new audience of nearly one billion.

Mandarin is the biggest native language in the world thanks to China, which has promoted Mandarin as the national language across the huge East Asian country. Though the term “Mandarin” is often used synonymously with “Chinese,” Mandarin is, in fact, just one of many Chinese languages—however, given the government’s strong promotion of the language, it serves as the native language of people from all areas of the country. Mandarin isn’t just limited to China, either—it’s also the official language of Taiwan and is spoken by millions in Singapore and all across the worldwide Chinese diaspora.

Mandarin is a member of the Sinitic language group, which encompasses all the languages typically referred to as “Chinese.” With the Sinitic languages forming a branch on the Sino–Tibetan language family, Mandarin is also more distantly related to languages like Tibetan and Burmese. Mandarin is a highly isolating language, which means it exhibits almost no inflection, with word order and particles primarily responsible for communicating grammatical information. The language also lacks plural forms outside of pronouns and is known as a tenseless language, with speakers often left to surmise the timeline of an action through time references like “today” or “yesterday.” Consequently, Mandarin isn’t anything like English, so, if you want a Mandarin dub that will do your work justice, it’s best to work with professionals.

What would you like to dub into Mandarin?

We’ve hired some of the best, most experienced Mandarin voice actors from all across China, Taiwan, Singapore, and the worldwide Chinese diaspora, so our team features some of the top talent in the Mandarin dubbing industry. Some of our team members specialize in dubbing movies, others TV dramas, and others yet video games—essentially, any type of content in any genre is fair game for our highly experienced team of Mandarin dubbing experts.

Any language with as wide a geographical coverage as Mandarin will inevitably see the rise of different dialects, and Mandarin is no different. With the language spoken widely in China, Taiwan, and Singapore, as well as by millions of people living in Chinese communities around the world, there are no shortage of Mandarin dialects, but we’ve endeavored to represent as many as possible on our Mandarin dubbing team, making it easy for you to access the exact Mandarin dubbing services you want.

Are you ready to make your TV show, movie, or game accessible to speakers of the world’s biggest native language? Then send us a message today so we can get started!

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