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Book Translation Services

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Any author dreams of worldwide success, with their lovingly crafted book in the hands of people the world over. The thought of fans around the world soaking in one’s carefully constructed story in dozens of different languages is enough to plaster a broad grin on any author’s face. However, translating a book isn’t easy—a book translator must carefully convert the author’s unique creative style into the target language, lest the art of the story be lost in translation. That’s why it’s so crucial to seek out a high-quality, professional book translation team to handle your precious prose.

We here at are passionate about books—in fact, we even have an ongoing social mission to donate books to homeless shelters. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we take book translation seriously too. We’ve built up book translation teams for numerous languages, carefully selecting the top book translators. For each language, we have team members who translate both into and from that language, so we’re equipped to serve just about any author’s needs. From English, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian to Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic, we cover all the major languages of the world, as well as languages that may be overlooked, such as Danish, Croatian, Azeri, and Kazakh. We even take it a step further: we can translate your book into an endangered language like Cree, K’iche’, or Navajo!

With, you can always rest assured that your book is being translated by the best book translators in the industry. All our book translators have verified their translation aptitude by way of the arduous assessments we administer in the screening process. We also ensure that our translators are bona fide literature lovers who are passionate about providing high-quality book translations.



We translate books of all genres.

As book lovers, we appreciate books of all genres. Whether you’ve written a suspenseful murder mystery, a heart-wrenching historical romance, a whimsical fantasy adventure, or a thrilling sci-fi dystopia, our book translators are eager to help you attract new audiences around the world. We also work with non-fiction books, of course—everything from memoirs and bibliographies to self-help books, cookbooks, textbooks, and more. We’ll match you with a book translator with experience in and passion for your genre, enhancing the quality of your translation.

Books of all sizes are also welcome with our book translation team. If you want to translate your collection of short stories into Brazilian Portuguese, just send it our way! If you’re looking for someone to translate your 1,000-page non-fiction book from Russian, we can handle that too. Our book translation team is here for all books.

Get your book translated at competitive rates.

Our goal is to make professional book translation as accessible to authors around the world as possible. Translation rates may differ depending on the length and nature of your book, as well as the language you need it translated to or from, but, no matter what, we offer competitive rates for our professional book translation services. After all, we’re passionate about books and sharing them with the world.

Why not request a free quote for book translation services today? Message our team for more information or to start the translation process.

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