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Our Team Now Provides Amoy Translation Services

“Chinese” isn’t a language—it’s a language family. When people talk about “Chinese,” they’re usually referring to Mandarin, the official language of China and by far the biggest member of the group. But the linguistic reality of China is far more complex than that, with dozens of smaller Sinitic languages spoken all throughout the vast country. They’re typically considered dialects, but linguistically speaking, they’re often more like separate languages. One of these many Sinitic vernaculars is Amoy—and that’s the one we’re looking at today.

Minority Chinese languages can still be pretty sizable—case in point, Amoy boasts an impressive 2 million native speakers, as of 2021. The language is also known as Xiamen, Amoyese, Amoynese, Amoy Hokkien, Xiamenese, or Xiamen Hokkien, and as some of these alternative names suggest, it’s a variant of Hokkien, a major Sinitic language in southeastern China and Taiwan. Most minority Chinese languages are poorly supported and have few resources or translation services—so we at are thrilled to provide our own Amoy translation services.

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Let’s dive into the Amoy language.

Found in the city of Xiamen, located in southern Fujian, Amoy is a Hokkien variant closely related to Taiwanese Hokkien—enough so that they’re mutually intelligible. Amoy is also found outside of China and Taiwan, since speakers of the tongue historically migrated to parts of Southeast Asia, such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Amoy, like other Chinese languages, is written in Chinese characters, but characters have different vernacular and literary readings that speakers must simply memorize.

Amoy differs from Mandarin not only in pronunciation but also in grammar. Notably, many Amoy particles differ from their Mandarin counterparts, represented by different characters. The words and characters for basic words like “not” or “so” are completely different, the passive marker is different, and even some pronouns use entirely different glyphs. So, you can’t just hire a Mandarin translator for your Amoy translation job—the idea that Chinese languages are all identical in writing is a myth. For a high-quality Amoy translation, you need a dedicated Amoy translator—and our team is filled with them.

Let us tailor our Amoy translation services to your individual needs.

Our Amoy translators are native speakers of the language, born and raised in Xiamen or its vicinity or in the Amoy community of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, or Singapore. They’re passionate about their language, which is often overshadowed by Mandarin, and they’re eager to help clients from all over the world access high-quality Amoy translation services—whether they want translation services to Amoy or from Amoy. If you want a translator from a specific locale, just ask—we’ll always try to accommodate your wishes.

Another way in which we cater to our clients is by offering Amoy translation services for a wide range of purposes. For example, if you’re interested in translation for academically oriented documents, you can work with our Amoy academic translation team. If you represent a business or organization setting up shop in an Amoy-speaking area, our business translators will help you prepare Amoy-language materials. If you’re a creative writer—composing novels, short stories, poems, or something else—our literary team can help you expand your audience, whether that means translating into or from Amoy. If you work in tech, producing content like websites, apps, or games, our localization experts can eagerly help you translate your software into Amoy to cater to this sizable Chinese minority while helping secure the language’s future in the digital era. Whatever special requests you may have, just ask—we’re here to bring you the best Amoy translation services we can.

Don’t wait to take advantage of our Amoy translation services. Whenever you’re ready, reach out and place your first order today!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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