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Providing Translation Services to Indonesia


For the best translation services in Indonesia, trust our team.

Indonesia is the second-most linguistically diverse country in the world, second only to neighboring Papua New Guinea. With more than 700 languages filling the Southeast Asian country’s borders, the need for reliable translation services is strong. The country also boasts a huge population, including countless scholars, business owners, and authors who share in the natural beauty of the land, including such locations as the Campuhan Ridge Walk and Ceking (Tegalalang) Rice Terrace. Wherever you are in Indonesia, our translation team at wants to help you take your work further.

We offer translation services for a huge number of languages, including many minority and endangered languages within Indonesia. Of course, we translate tongues like Indonesian, Javanese, and Sundanese, but we also work with Acehnese, Banjarese, Toba Batak, Toraja-Sa’dan, and many more. Then there are all the languages outside of Indonesia that we cover—Thai, Persian, German, and even endangered languages like Yucatec Maya!

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Our translation services are available across every island of Indonesia.

Given Indonesia’s massive and extremely diverse population, it’s quite a task to take on the translation needs of the multilingual country. But our team members have never shied away from a translation challenge. We can accommodate client needs in various domains—academia, business, literature, and beyond—and we work with people from Jakarta, Surabaya, Bekasi, Medan, Bandung, Depok, Tangerang, Palembang, Semarang, Makassar, and many other cities.

·        Where do Indonesian students, professors, and researchers go when they want to further human knowledge in fields from economics to history to engineering? They attend one of the esteemed universities that line Indonesia’s shores—whether that’s Universitas Gadjah Mada, the Bandung Institute of Technology, the University of Indonesia, or Airlangga University. Our academic translators are here to help Indonesia’s best and brightest translate their scholarly works to or from any number of languages, in any field.

·        Indonesia’s rapidly developing economy makes it a promising country for international business owners looking to expand their global presence. At the same time, more and more Indonesian companies are spreading their influence beyond the Indonesian border. In both directions, you need translation services to cater to your target audience. Our business translation team works with everything from business reports to press releases.

·        There’s no shortage of creativity in Indonesia among the country’s ethnic groups. Countless Indonesian novelists, poets, writers, filmmakers, TV producers, and more create riveting works for domestic and international audiences. But to reach the outside world, they rely on literary translation services. Our literary translators are proud to help Indonesian creatives spread their works around the world.

·        Esoteric medical terminology is always complicated, whether it’s in pathology, dermatology, or obstetrics and gynecology. Indonesian health professionals know this, which is why it’s such a challenge for them to find medical translation services that fit their needs. Our medical translation partners have the solution. They provide top-notch medical translation services for all sorts of specialties.

·        Most people can’t understand dense legal texts. You really have to be an expert in immigration law, banking law, criminal law, or other legal specialties to truly understand such esoteric language. That can make it tricky for Indonesian lawyers to track down the legal translation services they need. Our legal translation partner company saves the day with precise and confidential translation services for all sorts of legal niches.

·        With a country as expansive and populous as Indonesia, it’s only natural that there’s a lot of movement across the border—both in terms of immigration and emigration. Whichever direction you’re going, our certified translators are here to make the bureaucratic process smoother whenever you need certified translation of official documents.

·        Are you busy pioneering the digital landscape in Indonesia? Many talented and innovative Indonesians are developing digital content to wow the world—websites, games, apps, programs, and the like. But in the Indonesian language, these products can’t travel far outside of Southeast Asia. Let our localization team prepare your digital innovations for international dissemination!

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Our translation team: a collection of the world’s best translation talent

We’re proud of our huge and diverse translation team, which consists of the top translators from all over the world. It’s not just Indonesia—although we do have many Indonesian team members—but translators representing more countries and languages than you can even think of. The best part is that many of our translators are also knowledgeable in other fields, which means that we can cater to technical content in lots of different areas.

Indonesia’s 17,000+ islands house more than 275 million people, so it’s no surprise that the demand for high-quality translation services in Indonesia is huge. We at are here to fill that demand for the countless researchers, CEOs, novelists, doctors, lawyers, and others in Indonesia, whether they live in Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi, Western New Guinea, or anywhere else in the country.

If you place a translation order now, we can get started immediately.

A free taste of our translation expertise

If you’re interested in translation services but still aren’t sure whether we’re the right team for you, let us ease your mind with a free translation sample. There’s no obligation on your part. Just send the text you want us to translate, and we’ll send our sample. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to continue with a paid order, but we think you’ll be impressed.

You can request a free translation sample today. What are you waiting for?

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