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An Introduction to Our New Mara Translation Services

When most people think about the languages spoken in India, the first language that comes to mind is Hindi. Hindi is indeed the most spoken language in the gargantuan South Asian country, but it’s mostly only spoken in the northern regions—not the south or the far eastern regions. The south of India is ruled by Dravidian languages like Tamil or Telugu, while the far east is home to a plethora of languages largely belonging to the Sino–Tibetan family. That’s exactly where we find Mara.

Mara is spoken by around 400,000 native speakers, and although it’s a minority language in this remarkably linguistically diverse region of India, the Mara people speak it proudly and vigorously, with Mara even constituting a compulsory school subject for seven years in the Mara Autonomous District Council in India’s Mizoram state. Mara is the most-spoken language in the region, but Mizo and English are also important languages, and most Mara speakers are multilingual. Few translation agencies are willing to cater to minority languages like Mara, but we at do with pride—here are our new Mara translation services!

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Mara: the southernmost language in far-eastern India

Mara speakers mostly live in the Indian state of Mizoram, specifically in the Mara Autonomous District Council, found at the southern tip of Siaha District. Adjacent villages in Myanmar’s Chin State are home to additional Mara speakers. The language is alternatively known as Tlosaih, derived from the Tlosais, a prominent subgroup of the Mara people. Mara, like many other languages in the region, belongs to the Kuki-Chin subgroup of Sino–Tibetan languages, making it related to other, bigger languages like Mizo, Burmese, Tibetan, and Mandarin.

Mara’s grammar is worlds apart from English. To start with, the default word order is subject-object-verb, and there are several different particles used to mark plural nouns, which can be difficult to keep straight. There are different forms of the same pronouns, and Mara doesn’t draw a gender distinction in the third-person singular, meaning that “he” and “she” are the same word in Mara. Adjectives and numerals come after the noun in Mara, and demonstratives (words like “this” and “that”) come before and after the noun, a rare feature among the world’s languages. All these complications render Mara a tricky language to translate to and from, so a native speaker’s expertise is indispensable when looking for high-quality Mara translation. Our team is filled with native Mara speakers, so just come to us!

Our team is filled with passionate Mara translation experts.

What kind of Mara translation services are you looking for? Our team of friendly, passionate Mara translators is here to help. We have translators from India and from Myanmar—feel free to request a translator from a particular area or who speaks a specific dialect. Our translators cater to translation needs both from Mara to English and from English to Mara, so whatever you’re looking for, our native-speaking Mara translators are ready to assist.

Our Mara translation team is large, diverse, and well rounded, featuring translation experts with experience in different areas of the profession. If you’re an educator looking to translate lesson materials into Mara, let our team help—regardless of the subject matter. If you’re a business owner who wants to cater to a Mara-speaking customer base, lean on our business translators for help, no matter what industry you operate in. If you’re a creative writer who wants to establish a new audience for your book, short story, poem, or other literary work, work with our literary translators, for manuscripts of any genre or content.

Our flexible Mara translation team is here for clients all across the spectrum. Reach out to us whenever you’re ready to place an order!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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