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Game Translation Services

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Humans are naturally playful and have been interested in games for all of history. Only recently, however, have games expanded into the video games that we play on our computers, smartphones, and game consoles today. As computers, phones, and the internet permeate more of the world, the gaming industry only grows—and that means it’s essential for developers to translate their games to reach a wider audience.

We at are passionate about game translation—it’s rewarding to help hard-working developers spread their games to new players, and we love bringing games to people in their native language. Our game translation services are available in a plethora of languages. No matter which languages you’d like to target, we have a game translation team available. Some of the most popular languages for game translation include English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Polish, and Turkish—all of which we offer. Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, and Dutch are also possibilities—these players can often speak English, but they often prefer their native language. Our game translators can also help you target blossoming gaming markets in the developing world with game translation into Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Hindi, Thai, Tamil, Telugu, Tagalog, and more. Games are also superb for language revitalization—why not translate your game into an endangered language like Irish, Hawaiian, Navajo, Inuktitut, or Yucatec Maya?

Our game translators are highly experienced in game translation and can seamlessly navigate the various challenges that game translation presents. Indeed, game translation can be tricky, not least because the script may be filled with slang, cultural references, and game-specific terminology. A game translator may also need to ensure their translated strings don’t exceed a certain length, lest they no longer fit into the interface. If you let us know your length requirements, our experienced game translators will take care of this.

We’re here to translate any type of game.

Games come in many different genres—from dialogue-heavy RPGs and fast-paced shooters to story-rich adventures and intensive strategy games to casual puzzle games. Perhaps your game is played on the computer, or maybe you’ve developed it for mobile phones, or it could be that it’s designed for a console. No matter what kind of game you need translated, our game translators are ready to help. We’ll translate both the interface strings and the dialogue, resulting in a full, professional translation into (or from) the language of your choice.

To ensure the utmost quality in your translation, we’ll match you with a game translator who’s passionate about your genre. If your game revolves around a particular subject and contains technical vocabulary, just let us know in advance, and we’ll get a game translator who has expertise in your field to work on your game. With a game translation team as diverse as ours, that’s no problem.

Reliable game translation services at a great price.

Depending on how much text is in your game, game translation can get pretty expensive. But, here at, we want to make our game translation services as accessible as possible. That’s why we always offer fair and competitive rates—high enough to cover the skills and expertise of professional game translation experts and guarantee a high-quality translation but low enough to fit nicely into your budget. To see a free quote, all you have to do is reach out and request one!

Let’s get your game translated! Send us a message today to get started.

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