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We’ve Just Launched Translation Services for Maasina Fulfulde

Do you know the official language of Mali? Trick question—there are 13. Until 2022, Mali’s official language was French, like many other countries in West Africa. But today, French has been demoted to the “working language,” and 13 indigenous languages have been promoted to the country’s official languages. Bambara is the country’s biggest language, with more than half of the population speaking it as their mother tongue and more than 80% able to communicate in it. But Fula comes in second, and Maasina Fulfulde is Mali’s variant of this highly transnational African language.

All Fula varieties together are spoken by more than 36 million people as a native language across several countries in the Sahel. Maasina Fulfulde, the variety spoken in Mali (and, to a smaller extent, Ghana), is spoken by more than a million people, and the language is stable and institutionalized, used as a language of instruction in Mali’s Fula-speaking regions. But like many other African minority languages, resources are scarce—which is why we at are proud to present our new team dedicated to translation services for Maasina Fulfulde!

If you’d like a free quote for our Maasina Fulfulde translation services, all you have to do is contact us!

Beyond Fula: Discovering the Fula dialect of Mali, Maasina Fulfulde

The Maasina Fulfulde dialect of Fula is native to parts of Mali and, to a lesser extent, Ghana, constituting one of the central Fula dialects. It’s closely related to other Fula dialects, such as Pular and Pulaar to the west and Borgu Fulfulde, Nigerian Fulfulde, and Adamawa Fulfulde to the east. Fula is part of the Senegambian branch of the extensive Niger–Congo language family that accounts for most languages in sub-Saharan Africa, but unlike most other members of the family, Maasina Fulfulde and its siblings are not tonal languages.

However, the absence of tone doesn’t mean Maasina Fulfulde is easy. On the contrary, the language is rife with around 20 noun classes, similar to the gender system in French or German. Each noun class is associated with a different definite article (i.e., word for “the”), which is placed after the noun, not before, like in English. Nouns in each class take a class suffix, which is sometimes the same as the article and sometimes not, making the language even more confusing. However, while this noun class system is incredibly complex for learners, native Maasina Fulfulde speakers can navigate it without problems. That’s why you should rely on our translators to help you with your Maasina Fulfulde translation project.

A diverse and flexible Maasina Fulfulde translation team ready to help anyone

Wherever you are—Mali, somewhere else in West Africa, or somewhere else in the world—our team is here to help you. Our translators hail from various areas of Mali and Ghana, which means they represent different subdialects of Maasina Fulfulde. Thus, no matter what kind of translation project you have, we aim to provide you the translation services you’re looking for. Whether it’s translation from English to Maasina Fulfulde or from Maasina Fulfulde to English, our team is filled with the right language experts to assist you.

Perhaps you’re looking for a specific type of Maasina Fulfulde translation services, such as academic translation, business translation, or literary translation. No problem—our translators hail from a diverse array of backgrounds and have worked on various types of projects, enabling them to easily assist you with different types of projects. We can help you translate journal articles, research papers, research questionnaires, educational materials, business proposals, financial reports, white papers, press releases, ad copy, websites, books, poems, short stories, blogs, games, apps, scripts, speeches, and just about anything else. Any subject matter is okay, and if you need an expert in a particular field, just let us know!

Let us help you with your Maasina Fulfulde translation needs. Place an order for Maasina Fulfulde translation services today!

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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