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Script Translation Services

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The goal of any content creator is to disseminate their creation to as wide an audience as possible, spreading their message or bringing a valuable entertainment experience to more and more people. Whether you’re a filmmaker, TV show producer, or video game developer, this rings true. The best way to expand your audience is through professional script translation services—after all, we live in a remarkably multilingual world. Even English, the most widely spoken language in the world, only boasts around 1.35 billion speakers. is your key to broadening your international audience. We’re experienced script translation experts who can handle any type of script for any type of project in nearly any language. Whether your script is for an action movie, a soap opera, an RPG video game, an engaging commercial, or an informative documentary, our translators will ensure the script reads smoothly and naturally for your international viewers. What languages can we provide script translation services to and from? We cover all the major languages, such as English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and Arabic, as well as smaller languages like Estonian, Armenian, Tajik, Hungarian, and Mongolian. In fact, we can even translate your script into an endangered language—such as Navajo, Ojibwe, Aymara, Mapuche, or Irish

To ensure the high level of translation quality we’re known for, we’re extremely selective about who we allow onto our script translation team. Each of our script translators boasts extensive experience translating a diverse range of projects to and from their language, and we go the extra mile by verifying their translation skills in a series of rigorous assessments. This way, you know your script is always in good hands with us.

Script translation services for any medium, genre, and subject matter

We pride ourselves on our flexible script translation services that accommodate a broad range of client needs. We have on staff translators who specialize in scripts for movies, TV shows, and video games, alongside translation experts in scripts for commercials and documentaries. Scripts for works of fiction often contain cultural references or slang expressions, and our script translators possess the necessary experience to seamlessly navigate such challenges. Regarding genres, we cover it all—from horror and adventure to fantasy and sci-fi to romance and beyond—and we’ll ensure your translator is familiar with and passionate about your genre.

We’re also careful to hire script translators who boast expertise in supplementary fields, which allows them to effortlessly navigate any esoteric language that may crop up in your script. If your script requires a translation professional with expertise in another domain, just let us know upfront so we can assign your script to the most suitable translator.

With us, you always get the best deal for script translation

Since we’re passionate about helping content creators bring their works to wider audiences, we do our best to ensure competitive, affordable rates that fit into most creators’ budgets. Keep in mind that rates vary across script lengths, language pairs, and turnaround times—but, no matter what, we offer the fairest, most competitive rates we can as part of our mission to make great content more accessible to the extremely multilingual global population. Take a moment today to request a free quote!

Want to dive into script translation? Message us now!

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