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Our Team Now Offers Borgu Fulfulde Translation Services

In Togo and Benin—as in many other West African countries—the official language is French. But while French is common as a lingua franca and for use in government, media, and education, most people in Benin and Togo don’t speak French as their first language, and in fact, the majority don’t speak it at all. As is common in Africa, Benin and Togo exhibit a mosaic of various indigenous languages spoken by different portions of their population, and one important language spoken in both West African nations is Borgu Fulfulde.

Borgu Fulfulde is technically a dialect of Fula, a major language with more than 37 million native speakers that spans all across portions of West Africa. With Fula speakers in 18 different countries, it’s only natural that various dialects would crop up—like Borgu Fulfulde, the variety spoken in Benin and Togo. However, Fula dialects tend to be mutually intelligible, allowing speakers from different countries to understand each other. But translation services specific to Borgu Fulfulde are exceedingly rare—which is why we’re proud to present our new Borgu Fulfulde translation team.

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Looking at Borgu Fulfulde, the Fula dialect of Benin and Togo

Borgu Fulfulde is a relatively big language in Benin and Togo, but both countries are highly multilingual, meaning the language is confined to specific areas only. In both countries, most Borgu Fulfulde speakers are concentrated in the north, and the status of Borgu Fulfulde is weaker than that of some other Fula varieties in other West African countries. The language comes from the Senegambian branch of the Niger–Congo language family, but Fula dialects are rather unique within the family in that they are not tonal.

Borgu Fulfulde and other Fula dialects are grammatically complex, with more than 20 noun classes dictating the obligatory suffix a noun takes and the definite article used with it. Sometimes, the noun suffix and definite article differ in form. These classes are similar to the gender system in languages like French or Spanish, but they are unrelated to biological gender, with classes distinguished by various categories. Forming plurals in Borgu Fulfulde can also be tricky, as the initial consonants of a noun will mutate, in addition to the noun class suffix. All the noun classes in Borgu Fulfulde can present a major headache to learners, but our Borgu Fulfulde translators are native speakers, so you don’t have to worry about this complex system impeding the translation accuracy of your project.

Let us help you with any kind of Borgu Fulfulde translation needs!

Our goal here at is to provide reliable translation services for Borgu Fulfulde to anyone who needs them, no matter where you’re located or what your project is. Our translators come from all over northern Benin and Togo, proudly representing the Borgu Fulfulde community as native speakers. Some of our team members specialize in translation into Borgu Fulfulde, while others excel at translation from Borgu Fulfulde—whichever direction you’re working in, we’re here to help.

We also offer Borgu Fulfulde translation services for any type of project, even specialty areas like academia, business, and literature. That’s thanks to our specialized experts in different translation domains, who leverage their experience working on different types of translation projects to ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy possible. Our academic translators are here for any students, professors, or researchers in need of Borgu Fulfulde translation services, while any CEOs, entrepreneurs, or managers among our clientele can lean on our business translation team. For any authors, poets, bloggers, software developers, or other creatives, we offer our Borgu Fulfulde literary translation services.

Don’t wait to get started—why not order our Borgu Fulfulde translation services today?


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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