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We’ve Created a New Translation Services Team for Adamawa Fulfulde

It’s hard to convey just how linguistically diverse Africa is, with West Africa in particular constituting a hotspot of ethnolinguistic variety. Nigeria, for example, ranks third worldwide for total number of languages, outdone only by Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Yes, African countries tend to use languages like English, French, Portuguese, or Arabic as their official languages, but these languages are generally lingua francas, used in official, governmental, or educational contexts but not at home or in the community. In their daily lives, Africans tend to speak indigenous languages—such as Adamawa Fulfulde.

Adamawa Fulfulde isn’t a language per se—rather, it’s classified as a dialect of Fula, sharing a high degree of mutual intelligibility with the other eight key varieties of Fula: Nigerian Fulfulde, Bagirmi Fulfulde, Central-Eastern Niger Fulfulde, Western Niger Fulfulde, Borgu Fulfulde, Maasina Fulfulde, Pular, and Pulaar. Adamawa Fulfulde is one of the bigger varieties of Fula, but nonetheless, it’s hard to find translation services for it—which is why we’ve proudly put together our own Adamawa Fulfulde translation team.

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Adamawa Fulfulde: One of Cameroon’s most important languages

Adamawa Fulfulde has sizable communities of speakers in Nigeria, Cameroon, and Chad, with a particularly noteworthy presence in Cameroon. While many people in southern Cameroon use English as an interethnic lingua franca, Adamawa Fulfulde is commonly used as a lingua franca in northern Cameroon, with an estimated 12 million people in Cameroon speaking the Fula dialect. This makes Adamawa Fulfulde the biggest indigenous language in Cameroon. Many of the country’s other languages do come from the same language family, though: Niger–Congo.

Adamawa Fulfulde uses a subject-verb-object word order, like in English and most other Niger–Congo languages. However, both the subject and object are also marked on verbs, in which case the object comes before the subject. Nouns in Adamawa Fulfulde precede all modifiers, meaning that adjectives, demonstratives, definite articles, and numerals all come after the noun. The trickiest aspect of Adamawa Fulfulde (and other Fula dialects), however, is the noun class system, consisting of 20-odd classes that dictate each noun’s obligatory suffix and which definite article it takes. It’s similar to gender in French or Spanish, except that there are far more of them, and the class distinctions can be largely arbitrary, requiring a high degree of route memorization. If all this sounds difficult to you, don’t worry—you can rely on our native-speaking Adamawa Fulfulde translators for high-quality translation services.

What kind of Adamawa Fulfulde translation services are you looking for?

Our Adamawa Fulfulde translation team is designed to bring you top-notch translation services for whatever you may need, regardless of your circumstances. That’s why we’ve recruited translators from parts of Cameroon, Nigeria, and Chad who all represent different regional subdialects of Adamawa Fulfulde. Not only that, but our translators work with translation jobs in both directions, to Adamawa Fulfulde and from Adamawa Fulfulde. No matter what, you’ll get a passionate and experienced translator eager to help you.

Clients looking for specialized translation services can also find what they need with our highly flexible team filled with experts from different domains of translation. For anyone from the academic realm looking for translation of journal articles, research surveys, educational materials, and more, our academic translation team is happy to help. For business clients, our business translation team can help you translate everything from financial reports to white papers and website copy. And for the creatives among our clientele, you can rely on our literary translation team for translation to or from Adamawa Fulfulde of books, short stories, poems, apps, games, and all sorts of other media.

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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