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We’re Happy to Introduce Our Bagirmi Fulfulde Translation Services

In the Central African Republic, like most other countries in Africa, tons of languages are spoken natively in different regions of the country, resulting in an incredibly multilingual nation without a single unitary language. Of course, each country determines an official language—in the Central African Republic, it’s French—but French is only spoken by around 28% of the population. Sango, also official, is the country’s “true” lingua franca, with 92% of the population speaking it—but only 350,000 as native speakers. The rest of the population speaks one of the many other indigenous languages, such as Bagirmi Fulfulde.

Bagirmi Fulfulde is one of many varieties of Fula, a major African language that spans 18 countries in the Sahel region. Fula has more than 36 million native speakers, with approximately 250,000 of them speaking Bagirmi Fulfulde as their dialect. This also makes Bagirmi Fulfulde one of the biggest languages in the Central African Republic, but that doesn’t mean translation services are readily available for it. So, we at have put together our own Bagirmi Fulfulde translation team that we’re proud to present today.

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Bagirmi Fulfulde: Diving into the Fula dialect of the Central African Republic

In the Central African Republic, you’ll find speakers of Bagirmi Fulfulde in the northwestern portion of the country, in prefectures like Lim-Pendé, Ouham-Pendé, Nana-Manbéré, and Mambéré-Kadéï. They live alongside speakers of other languages, and Bagirmi Fulfulde speakers usually also learn Sango. Bagirmi Fulfulde is mutually intelligible with the other dialects of Fula—Adamawa Fulfulde, Nigerian Fulfulde, Central-Eastern Niger Fulfulde, Western Niger Fulfulde, Borgu Fulfulde, Maasina Fulfulde, Pular, and Pulaar. It’s related to most other languages in the Central African Republic because it comes from the Niger–Congo language family, but it occupies the Senegambian branch, whereas most other languages in the country are Ubangian.

English speakers will find Bagirmi Fulfulde’s usage of a subject-verb-object word order simple—but that’s more or less it. The language is grammatically complicated, with the initial consonants of nouns cand verbs hanging in the plural form, multiple words for “we” to distinguish between “me and you” and “me and other people,” and an extensive system of noun classes—roughly 20, each with its own nominal suffix and definite article. And if that wasn’t confusing enough, class distinctions are often seemingly arbitrary, and speakers just have to memorize which class a given noun is. But you don’t have to worry about translation quality—we hire native speakers for our Bagirmi Fulfulde translation team.

Ultimate flexibility in our Bagirmi Fulfulde translation team

Not many translation agencies serve Bagirmi Fulfulde specifically—but we do. Our goal is to make sure you have access to the best Bagirmi Fulfulde translation services for your project, whatever it may be. To this end, we’ve recruited skilled Bagirmi Fulfulde translators from all over the Central African Republic, proudly bringing them together on our team to deliver top-notch translation services to and from their native language. Our team members have experience working with different types of projects, and they draw on their experience to provide you with the best translation services they can.

If you’re looking for something a little more in-depth than general translation services—say, academic translation services, business translation services, or literary translation services, perhaps—just let us know. Our team is highly diverse, with experts from different domains able to serve the needs of professors, researchers, students, CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketers, organization leaders, authors, poets, bloggers, software developers, and just about anyone else. We’ll always do our best to accommodate your special requests for Bagirmi Fulfulde translation—so just ask!

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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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