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Presenting Our New Davaoeño Translation Services

More than 100 million people live in the Philippines—but they don’t all speak the same language. In fact, the Philippines is one of the most linguistically diverse countries on Earth, with more than 180 languages spanning its archipelagic borders. Tagalog, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, and Ilocano make up the most widely spoken languages in the country, with Tagalog serving as a national lingua franca to unite the disparate ethnolinguistic groups. But locally, people often speak smaller languages, such as Davaoeño, also known as Dabawenyo.

The number of native Davaoeño speakers stands at roughly 150,000, far below the millions that Tagalog or Cebuano boast but still enough to form a vibrant community of speakers. In the past, Davaoeño was widely spoken in the southern Philippines, but today, it has been continuously eroded by the encroachment of Cebuano across Mindanao, with many Davaoeño people switching to Cebuano as their primary language. This leaves Davaoeño under serious threat, which, in turn, scares most translation agencies away. But not us here at we proudly translate to and from Davaoeño for any type of project.

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A deeper exploration of the Davaoeño language

If you’re familiar with Filipino geography, it’s easy to discern where Davaoeño is spoken: the Davao Region, of course. Davao comprises the southeastern portion of Mindanao, the southernmost major island in the Philippine archipelago, and Davaoeño used to be the primary language of the region before Cebuano swooped in from the central region of the country. Today, most residents of Davao City speak Cebuano, although Tagalog is now starting to supplant Cebuano.

Like Cebuano, Tagalog, and most other languages spoken throughout the Philippines, Davaoeño is an Austronesian language. It’s classified in the Mansakan grouping of languages of the Philippine branch of the family, which it shares with other local languages such as Mandaya, Kamayo, and Kalagan. Davaoeño and its sister languages tend to use a verb-initial word order, placing the verb at the beginning of a sentence, as is common in many Austronesian languages. Davaoeño exhibits many other features fundamentally different from English that can make it difficult to translate, but that’s why we hire native speakers for our Davaoeño translation team.

Customizing your Davaoeño translation to fit your needs

We’ve endeavored to build the most flexible Davaoeño translation team we can to accommodate the varied needs of our diverse clientele. Our Davaoeño translators are native speakers who grew up in different parts of Davao, representing the various dialects of this precious indigenous language. They’re proud to draw on their rich experience translating to and from Davaoeño to help clients both locally and broad bridge the communication gap between the southern Philippines and the rest of the world.

Would you like us to translate your English texts into Davaoeño or your Davaoeño documents into English? We provide both services, with specialists on both sides of the aisle. Our translators are also flexible in the type of translation services they can provide, whether it’s for academic, corporate, literary, or personal purposes. We can help researchers translate surveys and questionnaires into Davaoeño to conduct linguistic or anthropological research, and we can help business leaders better cater to the local community by translating their corporate and promotional materials into Davaoeño. We’re eager to help local Davaoeño speakers share their messages with the rest of the world by translating their literature and other musings into English, and we help writers from around the world bring their books, poems, short stories, movies, and other media to Davao with tailored Davaoeño translation services. If your text contains technical jargon, that’s okay too, since we hire experts from all sorts of domains.

For world-class translation services to or from Davaoeño, contact our Davaoeño translation team today!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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