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Excited to Present Our New Offering: Translation Services for Mandaya

Tagalog isn’t the only language spoken in the Philippines. While it is an important lingua franca for the Southeast Asian country, meaning it’s learned by people all across the nation for government, media, and communication with compatriots from other regions of the country, the majority of Filipinos do not speak Tagalog as their first language. Rather, most Filipinos speak a local language as their native tongue, and one of these indigenous languages is known as Mandaya.

Roughly 250,000 people in the Philippines speak Mandaya as a native language, but unfortunately, the language is threatened, with the ubiquity of other, bigger languages like Tagalog, Cebuano, and Kamayo eroding away at the Mandaya-speaking community. Efforts are underway to ensure the preservation of the language, which still enjoys vigorous use today despite the challenges. Not many translation companies work with endangered languages like Mandaya, but we at do—and we’re proud to introduce our new Mandaya translation team.

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What is Mandaya like as a language?

So, where will you find the majority of the world’s Mandaya speakers? Mandaya is native to southeastern Mindanao, the southernmost main island in the Filipino archipelago. More specifically, it’s spoken in the provinces of Davao del Norte and Davao Oriental, with many speakers residing in the municipalities of Manay, Caraga, Baganga, and Cateel. Mandaya is split into a number of dialects across the locales it’s spoken in, but since we work with Mandaya translators from all over the region, our team covers all variants.

Unlike many other Austronesian languages, which use a verb-initial word order, Mandaya employs the same default subject-verb-object word order as English. However, word order in Mandaya is relatively free, with speakers able to alter it to convey different nuances. Like most other languages in the Philippines, Mandaya is a highly inflected language, incorporating a number of affixes to denote tense, aspect, mood, voice, and other grammatical elements. Mandaya also features a rich pronominal system with different forms and more variety than is found in English and most other European languages. If you’re worried about the complications of Mandaya grammar, don’t be—our Mandaya translation team consists of passionate and experienced native speakers.

We offer translation services to and from Mandaya for any type of project.

To ensure that our Mandaya translation clients receive the high-quality, pinpointed translation services they expect, we’ve worked hard to put together the best Mandaya translation team possible. We’ve scoured the Mandaya-speaking world, hiring the best translators from across Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental, and elsewhere. Our Mandaya translators cover all sorts of Mandaya dialects, so you can easily receive translation services tailored to the precise specifications of your project. And we even hire a lot of translators who are experts in additional fields, allowing you to access Mandaya translation services for technical documents.

Whatever kind of document you need translated to or from Mandaya, we’re here for you. Looking for academic translation services for your dissertation, conference paper, research survey, or something else? Whether to or from Mandaya, and regardless of the discipline, our academic translators are eager to help. Seeking business translation services? We have a plethora of experienced Mandaya business translators who can translate internal corporate materials and marketing collateral to or from Mandaya as needed. Eying literary translation services? Whether you want to translate a novel, poem, movie script, video game, or anything else to or from Mandaya, our team of passionate literary translators and localization experts have you covered.

If you want great Mandaya translation services, you’re in the right place—make an order today!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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