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Our New Team Offers Kalagan Translation Services

It’s easy to point to the Philippines and identify the country as “speaking Tagalog”—but that’s a vast oversimplification. It’s true that Tagalog is the biggest native language in the highly multilingual Southeast Asian country, but with more than 180 indigenous languages spanning its archipelagic territory, the Philippines can hardly be reduced to this single language. That overlooks minority languages that are nonetheless spoken by large numbers of Filipinos, such as Kalagan.

A total of roughly 160,000 people speak Kalagan as their native language, and while that may not sound like a lot compared to Tagalog, it’s a significant number of people who form a vibrant community in the southern Philippines. However, since Kalagan is a minority language, it’s threatened by bigger languages, such as the regional lingua franca of Cebuano and the national lingua franca of Tagalog. Few translation agencies are willing to work with endangered languages like Kalagan, but at, we proudly provide translation services to and from Kalagan.

The rates for our Kalagan translation services are available if you just request a free quote!

Let’s find out a bit more about the Kalagan language.

So, where exactly is Kalagan spoken? You’ll find most Kalagan speakers in the Davao Region of southeastern Mindanao, the southernmost major island in the Philippines. Small communities of Kalagan speakers can also be found in Caraga, to the north of Davao. If we zoom in further, we find that many Kalagan speakers live in the areas of Sirawan, Ma-a, Tigatto, and Talomo, with a number of dialects (Isamal, Lupon, Western Kalagan, Eastern Kalagan) identified for the language.

As a member of the extensive Austronesian language family, Kalagan is related to most of the other languages in the Philippines. The language has been heavily influenced by other languages in the region, incorporating a large number of Cebuano, Tagalog, Tausug, and Maguindanaon words into its lexicon. Kalagan employs a default verb-subject-object word order, like many other Austronesian languages, but subject-verb-object is acceptable in some cases. It also features a special article that denotes people’s names, a feature found in many other Austronesian tongues. Given the differences from English, however, it can be difficult to accurately translate Kalagan. That’s why we hire native speakers for our Kalagan translation team, ensuring the highest quality we can.

We translate your Kalagan project the way you want.

We care about the quality of your Kalagan translation project. That’s why we’ve carefully hired translators from all over Davao and surrounding regions, making sure to cover the different dialects of Kalagan to ensure you get the tailored services you need. We’ve put our Kalagan translators through thorough assessments to ensure their skills and knowledge live up to our high expectations for quality and accuracy, whether they’re translating academic, corporate, or literary documents. Whether you need translation to Kalagan or from Kalagan, you can count on our team.

We’re passionate about helping academic researchers connect with the communities of Kalagan speakers in Davao and Caraga, furthering their scholarly ambitions. We’re eager to help business leaders break into new markets in the southern Philippines by catering to the Kalagan-speaking community. We’re thrilled to assist local Kalagan speakers broadcast their messages abroad, whether that’s their lovingly crafted poetry or more practical information. And we’re committed to helping language activists promote the Kalagan language by translating books, poems, movies, games, educational materials, and more into the language, broadening the domain of use for Kalagan speakers and helping learners acquire the language in an enjoyable and practical way. Whatever kind of Kalagan translation project you have, we can help—even if your text contains esoteric language. We can match you with a subject-matter expert, so just let us know if you need a translator knowledgeable in a particular field.

Let’s get started with your first Kalagan translation today—order now!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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