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Ilocano to English Translation Services


For any project to reach its largest potential audience, availability in the world’s lingua franca is key. That’s why supports businesses and publishers with high-quality Ilocano to English translation services.


Although English is used widely in the Philippines, finding a translation company with the right experience and reliability to provide Ilocano to English translation can be difficult. Unlike some agencies, we work directly with the Ilocano original and never use Tagalog as an intermediary. That’s how we guarantee an accurate and faithful English translation that can be read across every continent.


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Because Ilocano and English have quite different linguistic features, translation between the two can prove enormously challenging, especially for amateur translators. However difficult this may be, our translators have years of experience working with the complex affixes and morphological structures of Philippine languages such as Cebuano, Bikol, Hiligaynon, and, of course, Ilocano. Most importantly, we’ve worked with the specific intricacies of Ilocano for a range of different content and materials.



Materials We Translate from Ilocano to English


  • Web content. Having an English translation of your work online means making it available to the world at large. Our team translates governmental, informational, and educational sites as well as commercial and business pages.


  • Literary works. The Ilocano people have a highly developed literary tradition dating back to the early seventeenth century, including world-renowned authors such as Francisco Sionil Jose and Carlos Bulosan. We work with both publishers and authors to translate poetry, short stories, novels, and more.


  • Business materials. Further your reach into a truly international marketplace with English-language business materials tailored to your intended audience. Our team works with promotional materials, advertisements, customer reviews, and more.


Our translation team can support your project whether you’re in Manila, Baguio, Laoag, or anywhere else in the world. Moreover, we can customize your translation based on what your project calls for. Client satisfaction and accurate translation are our highest priorities.


Find out exactly how we can help and get a free quote by messaging us now.

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