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Hiligaynon to English Translation Services


Having a project professionally translated into English is one of the primary ways to guarantee its availability to the largest readership on the planet. Today, more than two billion people speak and use English. Among this huge population, the majority are non-native speakers, which means translating into English requires careful consideration of the target audience. Thankfully, the translators at have the necessary expertise and practice to help your content reach English readers across the world.


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Most translation agencies don’t offer services for Hiligaynon, and some that do work only through Tagalog. However, we understand how essential it is to work directly from the source language to provide the most accurate translation that captures the message of the original. While the grammatical structures between English and Hiligaynon are quite different, our team has experience working with Hiligaynon as well as other Philippine languages, such as Cebuano, Ilocano, and Bikol. We know how to translate Hiligaynon’s complex verbal system faithfully into natural English.



Documents We Translate from Hiligaynon to English


  • Websites. By providing your web content in English, you help ensure it’s available to the largest possible audience. We can support you professionally with translations for informational, educational, and tourist sites as well as ecommerce pages and blogs.


  • Business materials. We understand the importance of providing business and marketing materials that appeal to the target audience. That’s why we offer English translations adjusted to different audiences around the world. Our team offers translation and localization services for advertisements, promotional materials, product information, and more.


We’re available to help you regardless of geography. Whether you’re in Iloilo City, Koronadal, Kidapawan, or Roxas, we can offer you tailored and professional Hiligaynon to English translation services. We take pride in a job well done, and we invite you to ask how we can enrich your project.


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