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Cebuano to English Translation Services


To reach nearly a fifth of the global population, conveying your message in English is paramount. Although English is widely spoken throughout the Philippines, accurate translation requires specific expertise. Whereas many translation agencies provide translations only from Tagalog to English, our team works with various Philippine languages. With, you’ll be supported by a team that understands how to tailor your translation to the audience you want to reach and to the materials you’re working with.


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Our team is also familiar with the challenges of Cebuano to English translation. As Cebuano is spoken natively over a large area of the Philippines, the language has developed several different regional dialects. As a result, depending on where Cebuano is spoken, varieties of the language can vary significantly. Additionally, Cebuano has no standard orthography, so the writing can vary just as much. However, our translators are more than prepared for the challenge, no matter what you need translated.



Materials We Translate from Cebuano to English


  • Localized content. Have your digital content translated into English so that more than two billion people can enjoy it. We work with materials meant for global audiences or local ones, translating games, software, apps, and other digital products.


  • Literary works. A sizable amount of literature has been written in Cebuano, complementing the language’s distinct tradition of plays by authors such as Daisy Ba-ad. For publishers looking to spread Cebuano works worldwide, we translate poetry, plays, short stories, novels, and more.


Whether you’re based in Cebu City, Dumaguete, Tagbilaran, or Davao, can help you. Our translators work with clients around the world to make sure their work can reach a global readership.

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