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Tagalog to English Translation Services

Tagalog works with businesses, academics, authors, and professionals from a range of industries worldwide, providing accurate Tagalog to English translations that help these clients present their material to a wider audience. Our team of experienced translators guarantees precise translation within even the tightest deadlines.


Contact us today to get a free quote and discuss your translation project.


We professionally translate your Tagalog documents to English


While most Filipinos can speak and understand English, only a professional Tagalog to English translator can guarantee a high-quality translation output. Expertly translated texts can help your business expand into a new global market, help your literary work find new readers, or help you share new academic research with colleagues overseas.


Our expert translators work with the following types of documents and more:


​Our translation team has collective experience in 400+ fields, and we work with clients from a range of industries. Plus, our rates are competitive. Get a translation quote today.


Challenges of translating Tagalog to English


  • A significant number of Tagalog words have no direct English translation.

  • Third-person pronouns do not have a gender distinction.

  • Tagalog borrows many words from other languages.


Our expert translators understand how to navigate these complications. Unlike our competitors, we never rely on automated translation software, and we hire only trained professionals to our elite team. We know how important it is to deliver accurately translated texts, and we always strive to achieve that goal to give you the best results. We guarantee high-quality translations from Tagalog to English that will satisfy your needs.


Whether you are based in Manila, Quezon City, Caloocan, Taguig, Makati, or any other part of the world, our team is ready to work with you.


Contact us to get started with a free quote. Let’s discuss how you can reach your new English audience.

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