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We’re Making Lugbara Translation Services Accessible With Our New Lugbara Translation Team

Did you know that more than 70 distinct languages are spoken indigenously in Uganda? The United States contains more than 100 indigenous languages, but the difference is that many of Uganda’s indigenous languages are still vigorously spoken, some individually boasting millions of speakers. In the United States, conversely, most indigenous languages have only a few thousand speakers at most. Thus, Uganda is a vibrantly multilingual country brimming with different peoples, each with their own language and culture, and today we’re taking a lot at Uganda’s prominent Lugbara language.

The number of native Lugbara speakers stands around 2.4 million, so while that’s a far cry from Uganda’s total population of 45 million, it still accounts for a huge number of people. Living in the northern part of Uganda, Lugbara speakers tend to also speak Swahili, which is widely used as the lingua franca in Uganda’s north (contrasting with English in the south). But that doesn’t mean the Lugbara language isn’t important. Unfortunately, most translation organizations gloss over minority languages like Lugbara in favor of Swahili, but here at, we’re proud to make Lugbara translation services more accessible.

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Learning a bit more about Lugbara

The Lugbara people live in the northwest of Uganda, specifically in the West Nile region, spilling over into the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Orientale Province and up into South Sudan. While southern Uganda is dominated by Bantu peoples, who speak languages related to Swahili, most languages in the north are from the Nilo–Saharan family. Within this family, most northern Ugandan languages are Nilotic—but Lugbara is unique in that it represents the Central Sudanic subfamily.

Lugbara is closely related to Aringa, also called Low Lugbara, and Ma’di, with some linguists even classifying Lugbara (and Aringa) as a dialect of Ma’di, though this view is not widespread, nor is it shared by the speakers of these languages. Making matters more confusing, however, is the fact that Okollo, Ogoko, and Rigbo, collectively known as Southern Ma’di, are generally recognized as dialects of Lugbara.

Some interesting traits set Lugbara apart from English and can make translation tricky, such as the six-hour time difference—for example, what we call “7:00 a.m.” in English is sawa alu, or “1 o’clock,” in Lugbara. Lugbara expressions can also differ from English in surprising ways—to say “I’m happy” in Lugbara, you say ayiko ni ma fu, which literally means “Happiness is killing me.”

Navigating the challenges of Lugbara translation to bring you uncompromising quality

As a Nilo–Saharan language, Lugbara differs dramatically not only from English but also from the Bantu languages widely spoken in southern Uganda, such as Ganda, Nkore, and Soga. For high-quality Lugbara translations, professional native-speaking translators are indispensable, and we’ve worked hard to find the best Lugbara translators from Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Sudan. We’ve selected translators with extensive experience translating myriad projects from various domains, so no matter what field your translation is in, whether you need translation services into or out of Lugbara, we have you covered.

Some of our clients are business owners, and we proudly help them expand into the Lugbara-speaking region—or take their native Lugbara company out into the rest of the world—with our tailored business translation services. We do the same for scholars and researchers, whether these are Lugbara academics looking to make a splash on the international stage or foreign researchers who need their materials in Lugbara to conduct research in the region. Of course, we don’t forget content creators, either—whether you’re a Lugbara-speaking author or a foreign software developer, we can translate your book, short story, poem, game, app, website, or other creative content to or from Lugbara for a wider audience.

The time for Lugbara translation services is now. Put the process in motion by messaging us today.


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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