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Take Advantage of Our New Nkore Translation Services

Though most African countries designate a European or Semitic language as their primary lingua franca, the heavily populated continent makes a rich contribution to the linguistic diversity of the world. With dozens or even hundreds of languages spoken natively in most African countries, lingua francas are mandatory to ensure national cohesion, but at the community level, people generally speak their indigenous native language. In Uganda, which boasts more than 70 natively spoken tongues, Swahili and English are used as lingua francas in the country’s north and south, respectively, but one of the most widely spoken local languages is Nkore.

Nkore—alternatively known by several other names, including Nkole, Nyankore, Nyankole, Orunyankore, Orunyankole, Runyankore, and Runyankole—boasts around 3.4 million native speakers, according to Uganda’s 2014 census, and is mostly found in the country’s southwestern Ankole region. Despite enjoying vigorous usage in the region, with most people in Ankole speaking Nkore, schools in the area use English as the language of instruction. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a professional translation service for this proud African language, since English and Swahili dominate more official applications in Uganda—but here at, we’re proud to serve Nkore in addition to English and Swahili.

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What is Nkore like as a language?

Nkore is the native language of the Banyankore people, a Bantu ethnic group inhabiting the former Ankole Kingdom in Uganda’s Western region, butting up against Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. More specifically, Nkore is widely spoken in the Mbarara, Bushenyi, Ntungamo, Kiruhura, Ibanda, Isingiro, and Rukungiri districts, as well as parts of Kitagwenda districts. The language comes from the expansive Bantu language family that dominates most of sub-Saharan Africa and all of southern Uganda.

As a Bantu language, Nkore strongly favors prefixes to suffixes and features a large swath of noun classes, which divide nouns into categories based on different characteristics. Each noun class features its own agreement-marking prefix, which is appended to both the noun itself and any modifiers, including adjectives, demonstratives, and verbs. While this system makes the syntactic connections in a Nkore sentence blindingly clear, the dizzying chart of noun classes is enough to drive a Nkore learner to despair. Not to worry—our Nkore translators are native speakers and can easily navigate the language’s complex noun class system to produce high-quality, accurate Nkore translations.

Proudly translating to and from Nkore

Here at, we’re proud to offer translation services for underserved languages like Nkore. With a team filled with native-speaking translators, we can translate both from English to Nkore and from Nkore to English, allowing us to accommodate any Nkore translation needs you may have. Our translators come from different walks of life and boast varied translation experience and knowledge, so whether your Nkore translation project is corporate, academic, literary, or personal in nature, we can help.

Organizations setting up shop in the Ankole region stand to benefit dramatically from Nkore translations of their promotional material, allowing them to better engage their local audience. Educators passionate about the Nkore language can turn to us to translate English learning content into Nkore, providing local children with a native-language education. Local Nkore authors and content creators can use our services to professionally translate their content into English and win over a larger audience, while international content creators can turn to us for translations into Nkore, gaining exposure to a new and oft-overlooked audience. No matter what Nkore translation services you need, we’re here to help.

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Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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