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Ma’di Translation Services: Now Available From Us!

I am here—that’s what ma di literally means, now the name of an entire people, the Ma’di. Legend has it that the progenitors of the Ma’di were pushed southward by other tribes but struggled to locate fertile grounds to establish their settlement. When they finally did stumble across appropriately fertile land, they declared ma di, and this simple utterance became the name of the entire group of people. The fertile grounds they found were in modern-day Uganda and South Sudan, where the group still lives, numbering more than 400,000 people.

Most of the Ma’di population speaks the group’s indigenous language, Ma’di (ma’di ti, or “Ma’di mouth,” in the language itself). Estimates place the total number of native speakers of Ma’di at around 320,000, with higher numbers in Uganda than in South Sudan. Ma’di constitutes one of the 70-odd indigenous languages spoken in Uganda, an incredibly linguistically diverse country even for African standards, and most educated Ma’di also speak English, Swahili, or Arabic—sometimes more than one of them—depending on their country. Nonetheless, Ma’di retains a good degree of influence in the region, but translation services for the language remain scarce. Here at, we’re proud to take matters into our own hands with our Ma’di translation team.

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Let’s learn a bit more about Ma’di.

The Ma’di speaking community can be found mostly in the districts of Adjumani and Moyo in northwestern Uganda and Magwi County in southern South Sudan. Living in a highly ethnolinguistically diverse region, many Ma’di speakers also speak Acholi, the language of a neighboring people—but hardly any Acholi speak Ma’di. A similar phenomenon is seen in the opposite direction with the Kuku people, where many Kukus speak Ma’di but Kuku-speaking Ma’di people are rare.

Ma’di belongs to the Central Sudanic language family, one of the major branches of the proposed Nilo–Saharan macrofamily. It widely uses two different word orders—subject-object-verb and subject-verb-object—with different orders creating different nuances. Inflection in Ma’di is minimal, with grammatical relationships communicated through particles and word order instead. The language features an equivalent of the English “the” but not of “a/an,” which is relatively common among the world’s languages. Ma’di generally doesn’t use plural forms, except for human nouns, which obligatorily take a plural form constructed in different ways depending on the makeup of the word.

Proudly translating Ma’di for all kinds of clients

If you need Ma’di translation services, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve worked hard to create the best Ma’di translation team on the web, inviting skilled Ma’di translators with experience in different types of translation to join our team. To ensure wide coverage of different Ma’di dialects, we’ve hired translators from all over Uganda and South Sudan, and we’ve taken special care to source translators who have expertise in a range of different fields. This way, we not only provide consistently high-quality translations but also cater to clients from the business world, academic circles, the literary universe, and beyond.

Indeed, our team is the answer if you’re looking to move your business to South Sudan or Uganda and want to connect with local Ma’di clientele—or if you’re a local business owner looking to increase your presence abroad. Our Ma’di translation team can also help if you’re a researcher who wants to survey Ma’di-speaking locals or if you’re a native Ma’di speaker seeking a bigger platform for your scientific discoveries. We can help Ma’di writers and creatives translate their books, poems, and more from Ma’di to English for the enjoyment of the wider world—and we can help content creators from around the world cater to a Ma’di audience for their writings or digital projects such as apps or websites.

There are no limits to our Ma’di translation services. Shoot us a message today if you’d like to get started!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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