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Our Newest Addition: Soga Translation Services

How many languages are spoken in Uganda? The East African country has designated English and Swahili as its official languages, with English used as a lingua franca in the south and Swahili in the north, and indeed, these are the most widely spoken languages in the country, alongside the Luganda language of the Baganda people from whom Uganda derives its name. But Uganda is also home to more than 70 languages, many spoken by small communities throughout the country. One of the biggest languages in Uganda, though not as big as English, Swahili, and Luganda, is Soga.

Soga, or Lusoga, as it may also be called, is the native language of roughly 3.1 million people in Uganda, specifically Basoga people from the Busoga region in Uganda’s southeast. Though it boasts one of the largest speaker numbers of any Ugandan language, it’s tightly confined to the Busoga area, with few speakers found outside the region. Soga is closely related to Luganda and Gwere, another language in southeastern Uganda, and is taught in schools to varying degrees throughout grade school and even in post-secondary institutes. But even that isn’t enough to prompt most translation agencies to pick up the language, so we here at are happy to pick up the slack and offer professional Soga translation services to anyone seeking them.

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What’s unique about Soga?

In the midst of Uganda’s more than 70 languages, Soga stands out as one of the largest, even though it’s entirely concentrated in a single area of the country. The 3.1 million or so speakers of the language are divided among several dialects that are largely classed into one of two categories: northern and southern. Northern Soga dialects, such as Lulamogi and Lupakoyo, are strongly influenced by Nyoro, a separate language spoken in western Uganda. Southern Soga dialects include Lutenga, which draws substantial influence from Luganda.

As a Bantu language, Soga features complicated grammatical elements that render it difficult to learn for a native English speaker, including a complex noun class system that divides nouns into several categories and requires any verbs, adjectives, demonstratives, and other modifiers referring to the noun to take an agreement prefix to show this relationship. An interesting feature of Soga is the way it counts time—the a.m. hours begin at what we call 6:00 a.m. in English, as this is when it’s light again. An amateur translator could easily mistranslate any times mentioned in your document, which is why it’s so important to hire a professional Soga translator.

We’re ready to translate to and from Soga for you!

We want to make sure you have access to the best Soga translation services possible. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to scout out the best Soga translation talent from all across Busoga and wider Uganda, picking out translators with not only the skills and experience to consistently deliver high-quality translations but also the passion to go the extra mile. We translate both to and from Soga, so whether you’re a Soga-speaking Busoga local who want to branch out to the rest of the world or a member of the international community looking to strike up a connection with the Basoga people, we’re ready to help.

We can translate any type of content. If you run a business, our Soga team can translate everything from press releases, ad copy, and white papers to business plans, employment contracts, and financial reports. If you conduct academic research, we can translate your journal article, research paper, thesis, survey, lecture transcript, or any other type of academic document, no matter what discipline you work in. If you generate creative content—whether it’s traditional media like novels, poems, or short stories or digital media like games, apps, or websites—we’d be happy to help you expand your audience in Uganda or beyond, depending on the translation direction.

When it comes to our Soga translation services, the sky’s the limit. Let us know in a message what your needs are!


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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