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We Now Have Professional Kiga Translators on Our Translation Services Team

Navigating the linguistic landscape of Africa can be tricky. Languages can differ, sometimes dramatically, from village to village, with some countries boasting hundreds of indigenous languages within their borders. Of course, each country needs a consistent language for administration, education, and mass media, prompting the designation of imported languages like English, French, and Arabic as lingua francas in most African countries. But locally, Africans tend to speak their native language, one indigenous to the land, such as Kiga in Uganda.

Housing more than 70 distinct indigenous languages from four language families, Uganda is a linguistic powerhouse. Uganda’s official languages are English and Swahili, used widely as lingua francas in the southern and northern parts of the country, respectively, but Kiga is a major native language in the country’s southwest. The number of Kiga speakers is estimated at around 1.6 million, but this only accounts for the speakers in Uganda—with the speaker community spilling over into Rwanda, the true number is higher. The Bakiga people have a strong sense of ethnic identity and are proud of their language, keeping it in vigorous use in Uganda’s southwestern region, but that hasn’t resulted in much service from translation companies. We at, however, are here to fill the gap with our Kiga translation services.

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Uncovering the identity of the Kiga language

Kiga, spoken in the former Kigezi region, which primarily comprises the districts of Rubanda, Rukiga, Kabale, Kanungu, and Rukungiri in southwestern Uganda, is a unique language distinct from those around it, though it may be closely related to some. For example, it’s so similar to Nkore, with a lexical similarity of between 84% to 94%, that some people even consider the two dialects of a single language called Nkore-Kiga. However, many Bakiga and Banyankore dispute this classification, as it strips them of their separate ethnic identities.

Like most other languages in southern Uganda, Kiga is part of the expansive Bantu language subfamily, which boasts more than 500 languages all across sub-Saharan Africa. Bantu languages are notorious for their extensive case system, which is like the grammatical gender system in languages like French and German but with far more genders. In Kiga and all its Bantu cousins, a certain prefix is associated with each gender and must be appended not only to the noun itself but also any modifiers that refer to it, be they verbs, adjectives, or demonstratives.

Proud, native-speaking Kiga translators working for you

Even though more than a million people in Uganda speak Kiga, tracking down professional translation services for the language is tricky. We’ve endeavored to change that with our Kiga translation team, which we’ve filled with the foremost Kiga translators from across Uganda and Rwanda. Our translators are experienced, passionate, and careful, imbuing every translation they craft with quality and accuracy—whether they’re translating from English to Kiga or from Kiga to English.

Part of our dedication to quality includes catering to your unique translation needs, no matter what your document is and why you need it translated. Sometimes we work with business professionals seeking to expand their business influence—whether that means translating ad copy and press releases into Kiga to capture a segment of the Ugandan market or translating business plans and financial reports into English to work with foreign business partners. Other times, we work with academics and researchers to transform their surveys and questionnaires into clear Kiga that their subjects can easily follow. Our translators can help Bakiga authors and writers looking to share their unique stories with a worldwide audience, as well as international software developers who want to bring their apps, games, and websites to the Kiga-speaking world.

When it comes to Kiga translation services, we can handle it all. Reach out today to get the ball rolling!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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