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Typically, people think of Hindi as the language of India, but that’s only half the picture. The reality is that India is an incredibly linguistically diverse place, with roughly 450 unique languages spanning its expansive territory. And while some are related to Hindi—such as Punjabi, Marathi, or Gujarati—others are completely unrelated. The easternmost portion of India is particularly diverse, and its languages—such as Thadou—are more similar to Mandarin and Tibetan than to Hindi.

Thadou is a language of many names, also going by Kuki, Chin, Thado Chin, Thado, Thādo, Thado-Pao, Thado-Ubiphei, and Thaadou Kuki. It boasts roughly 600,000 native speakers, making it one of the larger and more influential languages in this diverse region. However, it’s certainly not the biggest local language, and most Thadou speakers additionally learn Meitei, also known as Manipuri, as a second language. As a minority language, Thadou is under threat, especially given that many speakers are multilingual. Translation services are an important way to support languages like Thadou, which is why we at are proud to launch our new Thadou translation services.

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Discovering the secrets of the Thadou language

Thadou is primarily spoken in the northeastern Indian state of Manipur and certain areas of the neighboring state Assam, although you’ll also find smaller concentrations of Thadou speakers in Myanmar’s northern Chin State and Sagaing Region. Thadou speakers are scattered all across Manipur, in the districts of Chandel, Churachandpur, Senapati, Kangpokpi, Tengnoupal, Pherzawl, Kamjong, Ukhrul, and Noney, and in Assam, they live in Karbi Anglong (Mikil Hills) and Dima Hasoa (NC Hills). The language comes from the Sino–Tibetan family, making it related to Mandarin and Tibetan, although its closest relatives are other Kuki-Chin languages, such as Mizo or Hakha.

Like many other languages in the region, Thadou features a large number of dialects that are generally well understood by all Thadou speakers. As identified by Ethnologue, the world’s most comprehensive catalogue on natural languages, Thadou has the following dialects:

  • Lupho

  • Lupheng

  • Misao

  • Hangsing

  • Chongloi

  • Khongsai

  • Kipgen

  • Langiung

  • Sairang

  • Thangngeo

  • Haokip

  • Sitlhou

  • Touthang

  • Haolai

  • Singson (Shingsol)

  • Hanghal

  • Lhouvum

  • Mate

  • Lhungdim

  • Baite

Thadou’s complex grammatical structure, which includes postpositions (prepositions after the noun), adjectives that come after the noun, and reduplication to indicate certain types of plural forms, makes the language difficult to translate. But no worries—we hire native speakers who can seamlessly translate to and from Thadou.

Meeting your needs with Thadou translation services

We pride ourselves on not only the reliability but also the flexibility of our Thadou translation services. Our passionate, native-speaking translators hail from different areas of Manipur, Assam, and Myanmar, representing the many different dialects that comprise the Thadou language, and if you’re looking for services in a particular dialect, you can simply make a request. We’re happy to translate both to and from Thadou, helping clients both from the Thadou-speaking community and the wide world outside of Manipur access the services they need.

While general translation services are sufficient for some translation projects, others may require more specialized services, such as academic translation, business translation, literary translation, or localization services. If your project falls into one of these categories—perhaps an academic survey, lesson materials, a business plan, a press release, a poem, a novel, web copy, or the script of a game—our Thadou translation specialists can help you in the specific domain of your project. If your document contains a lot of technical jargon, that’s also fine—just ask for a translator who knows your field. Our Thadou team is diverse enough that we’ll often have the ideal translator for your job.

Make the most of our Thadou translation services by getting started today! Simply reach out to place your first order.


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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