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Punjabi to English Translation Services


Aside from its status as a major language in India and Pakistan, Punjabi has speakers in countries such as the USA, England, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Wales, Australia, and Canada. Approximately 102 million people around the world use this language for everyday communication and business.


However, businesses seeking to expand overseas, create foreign partnerships, or compete in the international market require high-quality English translations.


Contact us today to discuss your translation project and get a free quote.

Who needs Punjabi to English translation? works with businesses and private clients from a range of industries to translate the following types of material and more:


  • Sales and promotional materials. We translate brochures, posters, press releases, websites and web content, product descriptions, letter and form templates, reports, and media presentations to help companies market their products and services to English speakers.


  • Business documents. Companies trust us to accurately translate corporate documents such as financial statements, bank documents, employee contracts, memoranda of agreement, rental permits, and licenses. Those engaged in manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals, engineering, and consumer technology also require English translations of operations manuals, network systems, production reports, and user guides.


  • Legal documents. For those traveling or immigrating to English-speaking countries, we provide certified translation for government-issued documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, passports, visas, driver’s licenses, and affidavits. We have also partnered with a legal translation firm to offer translation for complex legal documents.


  • Academic materials. Professors, researchers, and graduate students rely on us for translations of their books, research papers, and journal articles. We help academics publish to a wider audience through English journals and easily collaborate with and learn from colleagues in the other parts of the world.


If your company requires Punjabi to English translation services, offers high-quality work at competitive rates. Our team comprises trained professional translators with experience in different fields, so we can provide reliable translations in a range of industries, from medicine to the social sciences.


We work with businesses and individual customers worldwide. Whether you live in Lahore, Karachi, Ludhiana, Amritsar, or anywhere else, we can provide English translations of your Punjabi documents quickly and accurately. Request a free quote today.

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