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Hindi to English Translation Services


If there is any one language to translate your written material into, it’s English. Although it ranks only third in terms of native speakers, it is the world’s most commonly used second language, and non-native speakers make up more than two-thirds of its estimated 1.5 billion speakers.


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When targeting such a large audience spread all around the world, you must be sure to entrust your business translation needs to the experts. Are you in the textile, food processing, chemical, cement, or software industries? Our professional translators have relevant experience and knowledge in hundreds of fields. This enables them to translate your product labels, instruction manuals, feasibility studies, business reports, websites, and other business documents effectively and efficiently.


Aside from businesspeople, we also provide Hindi to English translation services to the following clientele:


  • Hindi-speaking academics. Whether your paper is in the field of medicine, social sciences, economics, or humanities, our professional English academic translators know just the right terminology to use. With knowledge and experience in 400+ areas of study, they are sure to preserve the integrity of your research paper, case study, journal article, or other academic work.


  • Hindi-speaking authors. Do you have an interesting story or inspiring insights to share? Don’t limit your influence to just one corner of the world; widen it by having your work translated for the English-speaking populace. Our meticulous literary translators are experts in UK and US English. They know the right colloquial expressions to use so your work is understood in a different cultural context.


  • Hindi-speaking job seekers. Got good credentials but need help presenting yourself in English? Invest in a good Hindi to English translation service and secure a job interview for yourself. We’ll help you translate your resume and cover letter.


Whether your project requires business, academic, or creative English, our meticulous translators are here to help. Save yourself the headache of sifting through the amateur and inexperienced translators out there. Avoid having to do damage control later due to using unreliable translation software. Get it right the first time. Don’t lose golden opportunities by underestimating the power of good Hindi to English translation services.


Are you in Patna, Raipur, Delhi, Jamshedpur, or Indore? Our Hindi to English translation services are available to you wherever you are. Plus, we offer competitive rates and speedy turnaround times.


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