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Get On-Site and Remote Mandarin Chinese Interpretation Services Here


Communicate easily with Mandarin speakers with our Mandarin interpretation services.

English may be the most widely spoken language in the world, with around 1.35 billion speakers, but Mandarin is the most widely spoken native language, boasting roughly 920 million native speakers. Given the stark differences between English and Mandarin Chinese, it’s difficult for speakers of either language to learn the other—making Mandarin interpretation services extremely valuable.

Whether you’re underway in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, or one of the world’s many Chinatowns, if you need to communicate smoothly and accurately with Mandarin speakers, hiring a professional Mandarin interpreter is the best solution. At, our Mandarin interpreters can help clients present at international conferences in China, navigate business meetings with Taiwanese counterparts, interview locals in Hong Kong for academic purposes, and more. We can send an interpreter right to you, or we can have them join your call remotely—it’s up to you.

Let us provide a free quote for our Mandarin interpretation services—just message us to request one!

Let’s learn more about Mandarin Chinese.

Mandarin is the star member of the Chinese language group, which incorporates numerous Sinitic languages spoken across China and Taiwan. Mandarin is the official language of both China and Taiwan, used in educational and administrative settings (although Taiwan has increasingly been giving local languages more recognition). Since Mandarin is spoken across such a wide area, there are a number of Mandarin dialects, which are not always mutually intelligible. Our Mandarin Chinese interpretation team covers a range of those dialects.

Mandarin (and other Chinese languages) is famous for being a tonal language, meaning that the tone of the words, not the phonemes themselves, is sometimes the only element distinguishing one word from another. This makes precise pronunciation essential to smooth Mandarin Chinese communication. Mandarin is an analytic language with almost no inflection, which may initially make it sound easy, but the payoff is an extremely strict word order and limited grammatical information about the relationships between words in a sentence, which can easily result in misunderstandings for those not sufficiently fluent in Mandarin. That’s why it’s so essential to work with a Mandarin interpreter.

Do you want an on-site Mandarin interpreter or a remote Mandarin interpreter?

Why are you looking for Mandarin Chinese interpretation services? Depending on your circumstances, in-person or remote interpretation may be more appropriate—and fortunately, we can provide both. Those interviewing local Mandarin speakers in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, or elsewhere will need an on-site Mandarin interpreter to assist them, whereas those participating in a conference call with Mandarin speakers may be able to simply add their interpreter to the call and have them interpret remotely.

Our Mandarin interpretation team is expansive, and we have professionals on the ground all across China, Taiwan, Singapore, and cities worldwide that are part of the Chinese diaspora, so no matter where you are, we likely have a Mandarin interpreter near you. Even if we don’t, we can certainly fly a professional interpreter to your location (although you’ll have to cover the transportation costs, naturally). 

If your communication with Mandarin speakers is taking place remotely—whether over a telecommunications app like Zoom or Skype or over the traditional telephone—it may be more convenient to simply invite a remote interpreter to the call. This simple Mandarin interpretation option makes it easier for us to match you with an interpreter with the precise knowledge and skillset to fit your circumstances—especially since our interpreters are located all over the world, in various time zones.

We can interpret Mandarin both simultaneously and consecutively!

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services are completely different and demand different skillsets, so it’s important to determine which one best fits your needs. Simultaneous interpretation means the interpreter is translating the speech in real time while the speaker is still talking, and this is ideal for large, international presentations where audience members have headsets tuned into their language or for live TV broadcasts. Consecutive interpretation means the interpreter waits until the speaker has finished one or two sentences and then translates the content into the other language, which works well for back-and-forth dialogue in small business conferences, interviews, or conversations. Our Mandarin Chinese interpretation services come in both types, so just let us know which is better for you.

Our Mandarin Chinese interpretation services are available for any industry.

No matter what industry or field you come from, we’re determined to help you communicate effortlessly with Mandarin Chinese speakers. To this end, we’ve staffed our team with subject matter experts from a range of disciplines, so even if you encounter esoteric terminology in your communications, our interpreters can navigate them with ease. Just let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll deliver.

If you’re looking for reliable, accurate Mandarin Chinese interpretation services, just turn to us. Get in touch today to let us know the specifics of your interpretation needs.

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