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Our Translation Services Team Is Now Ready to Translate Kichwa Imbabura

If you’re not overly familiar with the linguistic landscape of South America, you might think the only languages spoken natively on the continent are Spanish and Portuguese. Indeed, these two giant Romance languages are the mother tongues of the vast majority of South Americans. But languages run much deeper than that in South America, where hundreds of distinct languages were vigorously spoken prior to the arrival of European colonizers. Many of those languages still exist today, some of which still boast speaker communities of hundreds of thousands or even millions, such as Kichwa.

Kichwa is a member of the Quechuan language family, and the Quechuan languages together make up the biggest indigenous tongue in all of the Americas, with around 7 million native speakers. Kichwa is the northernmost member of the family, spoken by populations in Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru, but the language is divided into several dialects that are generally mutually intelligible. One of these dialects—the second-biggest one—is Kichwa Imbabura, which boasts roughly 300,000 native speakers. Unfortunately, however, it’s difficult to find reliable translation services for Kichwa, let alone specific dialects of the Amerindian tongue—but here at, our Kichwa Imbabura translation team is poised to bring you the best translation services for the dialect.

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Here’s a quick overview of Kichwa Imbabura.

If you’re familiar with Ecuadorian geography, it’s easy to guess that Kichwa Imbabura is native to Ecuador’s Imbabura Province, an inland district in the country’s north. Of course, the province officially speaks Spanish, but with a large proportion of native Kichwa residents, Kichwa Imbabura constitutes an important language in the region. Kichwa, along with its Quechuan cousins to the south, gained prominence in South America during the Inca Empire and have maintained their importance to a degree even today.

Kichwa Imbabura—as well as other dialects of Kichwa and other Quechuan languages—is grammatically complex, with more than a dozen cases delineating the precise role of the nouns in a sentence. Another key characteristic of Quechuan languages is their evidentiality markers, which indicate the source of the information the speaker is conveying—direct evidence, inference, or hearsay. Kichwa Imbabura also has more pronouns than English, specifically thanks to the clusivity distinction in the first-person plural—in other words, Kichwa speakers can explicitly signal whether they’re including the listener when they say “we” based on the word they use.

Our strict dedication to the best in Kichwa Imbabura translation services

For us, it’s not enough to simply offer translation services for Quechuan languages, Kichwa, or even specifically Kichwa Imbabura. Rather, we strive to bring you unparalleled quality in all our translation work, and that includes all work we do with Kichwa Imbabura. Scouting out native-speaking translators from across Ecuador, we ensure the high quality we’re known for by hiring experienced translators who are passionate about their language and who are well versed at translating both into and out of Kichwa Imbabura.

Our translators come from many different backgrounds, not only in terms of their hometowns but also in terms of their translation experience and prior knowledge. Whereas some of our Kichwa Imbabura translators specialize in business and marketing, helping clients grow their business presence by connecting with Kichwa Imbabura speakers through their language, other translators on our team work on more academically geared translation jobs, such as research questionnaires to aid foreign scholars conducting studies in Imbabura. With Kichwa’s rich history in the Inca Empire, you may have literary or historical documents in the language you’d like translated, which our Kichwa Imbabura team can proudly help with—or perhaps you’d like to create new content in the language by translating existing novels, poems, apps, or games into Kichwa Imbabura, and our team is available for that, as well.

There’s almost no limit to our Kichwa Imbabura translation services. See for yourself—message us today and tell us what you’re looking for.


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Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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