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Brazilian Portuguese to English Translation Services

Brazilian Portuguese

Are you looking for quality Brazilian Portuguese to English translation? is here for you.

We understand the fact that Portuguese ranks seventh on the list of languages spoken globally, and over half the population of South American speaks this language. For Brazilian businesses and individuals who want to explore or compete in the global market, where English is the lingua franca, English translation is imperative.


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Who needs Brazilian Portuguese to English translation?

If you have any of the following needs, you will require Brazilian Portuguese to English translation sooner or later.


  • Brazilian businesses often translate their marketing materials, business documents, and websites into English to entice investment, sales, and partnerships with foreign entities.

  • Brazilian immigrants and travelers need English translations of their travel and legal documents, such as visas, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, deeds, etc.

  • Brazilian companies that want to expand their business operations in foreign markets likely need IT translation services, which involve the translation of corporate and network systems, operations manuals, databases, software, apps, and security systems.

  • Materials such as patent applications, employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and other legal documents may need both Brazilian Portuguese and English versions.

  • Brazilian hotels, tour companies, transportation providers, and other businesses in the tourism industry need to translate brochures, advertising scripts, company websites, and booking systems to attract and serve the foreign market.

  • Brazilian companies including those in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries need English medical translation for their business documents, manuals, brochures, labels, and packaging materials before their products can be released in the world market.

  • Professors, researchers, and graduate students may need academic translation of their Brazilian Portuguese papers into English so they can collaborate with learning partners in other parts of the world.


Why choose


Clients choose us for translation services because we provide the following:


  • Fast, accurate, and reliable translations. Our qualified team of translators, made up of fully bilingual Brazilian Portuguese and English speakers, understands Brazilian Portuguese colloquialisms, peculiar words, and common phrases. They deliver accurate and reliable English translations within fast turnaround times to meet your project demands.

  • A wide range of translation services. Our expert translators specialize in different fields, including legal, financial, business, technical, and software translation.

  • Translations services anywhere. We provide translation services wherever you are in Brazil, whether in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Fortaleza, or elsewhere. We also serve all US cities and the rest of the world.

  • Competitive rates. Our rates are reasonable for the quality of translation services we provide, which are always rendered or meticulously analyzed for quality by a professional human translator. We give free estimates for your translation project upon request.


You can save time and money and spare your business the headache of having to perform Brazilian Portuguese to English translations internally by hiring to do the job for you. Leave the translating to the professionals so you can focus on the more important task of growing your business.


To get started with Brazilian Portuguese to English translation services, get a free quote today.

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