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Kichwa to English Translation Services


Although Kichwa has more than a million speakers throughout Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador, most translation agencies do not provide Kichwa to English translation services. However, with English’s more than two billion speakers, having material translated into English is the key to attaining a broad audience from around the globe. At, our team of translators can make sure your Kichwa-language material is carefully and accurately  translated into English and ready for global readership.


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Translating from Kichwa to English comes with a number of specific challenges. Like in other languages in the Quechuan family, Kichwa words can be quite dense with grammatical and semantic information, including the specific relationship between the subject and object of an action as well as the exact source of information. Likewise, translators must be familiar with several competing orthographic variations. Only recently has a standardized orthography (Shukyachiska Kichwa) come into use. Combine that with the fact that Kichwa displays greater dialectical variation than most other Quechan languages, and it’s clear that translating from Kichwa to English is no simple task. Fortunately, our translators have years of experience with all these elements and can provide English translations for an array of Kichwa-language material.


Materials We Translate from Kichwa to English


  • Historical documents. Today, a large portion of historical documents in Kichwa have been translated only into Spanish. Fortunately, we have the expertise needed to work with these historical texts and translate them faithfully into English for researchers and academics.

  • General documents. Our team can assist with translations for a number of different general materials, including brochures, advertising, and literature.


Our translators are ready to help, whether you’re based in Huaraz, Chimbote, Casma, or elsewhere. At, we pride ourselves on providing clients with translations that match the needs of their projects.


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