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Hereby Debuting Our Eastern Tamang Translation Services

It’s not hard to guess that Nepali is the official and primary language of Nepal—it’s in the name, after all. But did you know that only roughly 44% of the South Asian country’s population speaks Nepali as their native tongue? Given that Nepali serves as a lingua franca for the nation, a large portion of the remaining population has learned Nepali as a second language, but they still speak their native language at home. The biggest native languages in Nepal other than Nepali are Maithili, Bhojpuri, Tharu, Tamang, and Newar, and today, we’re focusing on Tamang—specifically, Eastern Tamang.

Eastern Tamang is technically classified as a dialect of Tamang, but in reality, Tamang dialects are so divergent that they’re generally mutually unintelligible. Tamang as a dialect cluster boasts around 1.35 million native speakers, with Eastern Tamang accounting for the bulk of that figure, as the dialect claims around 773,000 native speakers. Western Tamang is smaller, with around 323,000 speakers, and Eastern Gorkha Tamang clocks in at just 4,000 speakers. But even though Eastern Tamang is by far the biggest dialect of Nepal’s fifth-most widely spoken native language, most translation agencies fail to acknowledge it.

At, we believe in the value of Eastern Tamang. That’s why we’ve set up our own Eastern Tamang translation team, ready to help you access the high-quality translations you deserve. Contact us today if you’d like to see a free quote!

Eastern Tamang is a bright and vibrant language

Though most speakers of Eastern Tamang call Nepal home (specifically Bagmati and Province No. 1), some speakers may also be found in neighboring India (especially Sikkim, West Bengal, and Northeast India) and Bhutan. Technically classed as a dialect of Tamang, Eastern Tamang is further split into several dialects: Outer-Eastern Tamang (Sailung Tamang), Central-Eastern Tamang (Temal Tamang), and Southwestern Tamang (Kath-Bhotiya, Lama Bhote, Murmi, Rongba, Sain, Tamang Gyoi, Tamang Gyot, Tamang Lengmo, Tamang Tam).

In terms of writing, Eastern Tamang speakers may use the Tibetan or Devanagari scripts, but what makes the Tamang languages special is their use of the native Tamyig script, used solely for Tamang varieties. Grammatically, Eastern Tamang is a subject-object-verb language with postpositions, meaning verbs come at the end of a sentence, after the object, and what we know as prepositions in English come after the noun they modify in Eastern Tamang. It also uses ergative–absolutive alignment, which means the verb of a sentence agrees with the object, not the subject, as in English.

We make Eastern Tamang translation services easy and accessible.

With its own, native script and verbs that align with the object rather than the subject, Eastern Tamang may sound intimidating to an English speaker—but don’t worry! Our translation team is populated by native speakers of Eastern Tamang, and they’re eager to share their passion and knowledge of their unique language, helping translate a myriad of documents both to and from Eastern Tamang. Hailing from all across Bagmati, Province No. 1, and elsewhere in eastern Nepal, as well as neighboring India and Bhutan, our Eastern Tamang translators represent various dialects of this important Sino–Tibetan language, helping you access the tailored translation services you need.

It doesn’t matter what kind of document you’re coming to us with, either, because we’re equipped to translate just about anything. We specialize in business translation, which can include contracts, white papers, financial reports, business proposals, marketing copy, corporate blog posts, press releases, and more. We also specialize in academic translation, whether that’s for a journal article, dissertation, research questionnaire, lecture notes, conference speech, or anything else in the academic world. And even beyond that, we specialize in literary translation and localization, handling everything from novels and poems to games and mobile applications. Truly, we’re your one-stop shop for Eastern Tamang translation.

Eastern Tamang translation services can revolutionize your project. Contact us today to get started with your Eastern Tamang translation project!


Get a translation quote

Professional human translation for any language, any topic

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